Aftermath : Chelsea

I have been shocked by Chelsea public announcement yesterday that they are sacked Jose Mourinho! Neither he is the least manager who annoyed any single gunners fans in the world, but from everything that he said after he came back to Chelsea, it still shocked everyone after all.

Mourinho ever said that this second reign of him at Chelsea is all about stature, balance and consistency (for becoming one of the longest serving manager.). Although his third season (again) he has been under performed and filling bad vibe and headlines around FA and news but still Mourinho wanted to become one of Chelsea longest serving manager and his spirit is no doubt.

What makes him become like this and why he didn’t made it at Chelsea. And what happens after math at Chelsea will become my assesment in this post.

First, since when Mou are in this situation?

Mourinho is one of the eccentric manager in the world with his trophies in his CV makes him one of the best in the world. After getting out from Real with a little bit distruption, he is came back and told media that he always and always love coming back to Chelsea. But in that interview, he could see Wenger (who was the last longest serving manager in EPL after Sir Alex) as his biggest threat and playing psychology war between them.

I dont blame Mou, its just his nature for doing that in every single occasion. He told media about Wenger :

He is specialist on failure.. if i do that at Chelsea, eight years without silverware, i leave and don’t come back” Mou, 2014.

Well, in fact Arsene almost having 50 % percentage of winning in his 18 years with Arsenal which is actually bad, but he gives Arsenal new philosophy, stadium, and silverware which is makes him one of the best in the world too. So Mou told him about Wenger becoming specialist in failure.. a little bit dishonour and makes every Gunners raging over him.


Wenger and Mou feud on touchline, 2013.

I don’t know this was a karma or not but Mou didn’t win any silverware in that season and instead Wenger put another FA cup in his CV (after almost a decade). So it backfires to Mou and he didn’t even get good thing comes out of English press.

But Roman gives Mou previlege and gives Chelsea fans sign about stability in management. He didn’t take Mou out and the result are giving Chelsea another EPL title with 87 points and League Cup. That’s the result about giving someone second chance. But amazingly Wenger winning FA cup back to back after his last season. So it makes Mou a little bit annoyed and makes his hunger growing more.

That’s Mou for you, he wanted everyone seeing him as the best in English too and put out of respect in Wenger. That’s why he called himself a Special One.

And after the new season began, Chelsea vs Swansea, opening match, Hazard getting down injured and Eva Corneiro,  Chelsea famously med doctor at that time rushing down to the pitch to help him. Mou is furious because Chelsea still chasing points at 84th within a few minutes on a hand. He wants to win, every single manager wants to win, but why no taking care of your best players while doing so? Maybe that’s one of reasons of revolt accident in Chelsea dressing room this season.

Clash between Mou and backroom staff put a fire and makes stability cracking, the result is Eva is getting out and resign from Chelsea medical department. English press who get interviewing Eva, put release about Mou sexism swearing on the pitch in Swansea match.

Another fire becomes another hell for Chelsea after several months. With several bad results, record loss for 9 games and revolt issue in their backroom and dressing room makes it worse. Mou sacked and everything Roman and Chelsea build just gone over a 4 months of hell. Obviously everyone would blame Mou after this sacked. But is it game over for Chelsea? In 16th position since this post out, would be any difference?

Aftermath : Chelsea

Everyone talking about who replacing Mou and who will become the hottest and unstability seat in the last part of season? Everyone picking someone who get experienced bringing success in mid part of season. And it would be interesting with new manager in January transfer window.


Potentially there is Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone, Guus Hiddink, Juande Ramos, Brendan and Carlo Ancelotti as a biggest odds to become Chelsea manager. 2 of them has been  in short tenure at Chelsea, Guus Hiddink and Carlo Ancelotti with silverware too. If Mou has been sacked at summer transfer windows it would be good for Chelsea to pick up any available out-of-contract manager.

So if looking up for the odds, it wasn’t a lot of options. Guus Hiddink and Carlo would be my best guess because Roman always look up for world class manager for his club at least or big popularity at that time.

We start with Hiddink who became South Korean and Netherland coach for past decade and would like give Chelsea new approach. Guus was a good tactician (but always in short term) and he always developing raw talents like Arshavin and etc. Chelsea has a lot of loanee out there so bring up 1 or 2 of them would be good for refreshing the squad. And he could save Chelsea at least from relegation and making them get to Europa League. Bad thing from him is Roman and co. who would like another coach for the seat but it would be perfect for Roman to choose him to chase Guardiola or anyone. Hiddink commitment was a little bad so for makes stability in managerial and dressing room harmony would still bad in long terms. Chelsea is currently in talks with him for become an interim. He likely signs for Chelsea as looking for retirement. Chance are 80% for coming in Watford or Sunderland match.


Hiddink win FA Cup with Chelsea, 2009

The next is Carlo Ancelotti, former Milan and Real Madrid manager who still vacant. His new CV is UCL title with Madrid which is great for add experience for young lads and Chelsea dressing room improvement. And January transfer window would be great boost for Carlo and Chelsea dressing room to put the pace in the rest of season. For me Carlo quality is very high and experienced in UCL. Chelsea are still in UCL title race and if they can winning it at least they are still ‘top 4’ (if they are not relegated of course). Even the odds is a little bit low, but taking Carlo is perfect for Chelsea situation right now. The chance is 68% for this January.


Yes the next is players. If you wanted to blame Chelsea for one of good reason it was players. Their performance this December is so poor even though they have Courtois who sidelined Cech in 2014. Even they have conceded goals that are twice of their goals.

Chelsea striker is so under performed, Diego Costa is out of his touch and have a bad reputation with referee, Falcao is enjoying his salary on the bench, Pedro still settle in Chelsea un-tiki-taka tactics, Cesc are becoming agent for Arsenal and Hazard has fallen into a dip state. Willian, Oscar and Loic Remy still giving them a lift.

The problem is aging players such as Ramires, Ivanovic and John Terry in squad. They are not in their best again and struggle to keep in space between his collagues. Defence situation has been so poor that even communication and team work is no more. This was bad and chemistry in back four better to established as soon as possible.


Diego Costa is still out of touch

Chelsea have the most loanee outside their main squad, and growing every single year. If they buy in January it would be bad for academy stature but if they don’t, the situation couldn’t be change sooner. But who is the perfect academy player to call back and who are they gonna buy?

Christian Atsu, Victor Moses, Mohamed Salah and  Lucas Piazon who playing upfront would be good for adding depth and out of touch of their player. One of them could be called to replace Falcao or Costa from being under perform. In midfield they could take Marco van Ginkel and Marin for replacing Cesc and Ramires and also Obi Mikel. Defender could be Nathaniel Chalobah, even he is not in the class yet but he is one of good talent in Chelsea loanee.


Marco van Ginkel still not proving up through first team action

And for another buy in January they just could buy Aubameyang or even Antoine Grizmann. Due to critical condition in chances created.. i would like adding Marco Veratti or Adrien Rabiot for giving creativity and fresh option for Hiddink. And John Stones cash splash in January would likely better for the fundamental in defence position. They are at quite good price and looks like moving to another club for 2-3 season later, so buy them sooner Roman!


Aubameyang is real deal in Dortmund

Well the situation would be tricky for Hiddink in January which he has a lot of problems to take on. Save Chelsea from relegation and bring them up to Europe League or winning UCL  title for keeping their place in EPL. But without must-winning in Watford next week all of this maybe isn’t happening and Chelsea will sink in.

For conclusion I would take another interview about Jose clash with Wenger..

“He can speak about referees before the game, he can speak after the game, he can push people in technical area, he can cry in the morning, he can cry in the afternoon, nothing happens. He does not achieve, keep his job,  and is still the king. It’s privilege” Mou at Wenger, 2014.

He just right about that, Wenger keep his job, and is still the king. It’s privilege to honour people who keeps honour at the game. Its tradition.

Mou just lost his honour, cry in the afternoon, nothing happens. Can’t keep his job and yet not a king. Wenger just came in at the right place. Maybe you just came to wrong place.

Writer is Freelance Journo in indonesia and have been sports viewer in almost 2 decade.

Anzala Ryanto. @anzalariveris


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