Arsenal is not a “Clever” club?

Kicking out the bin outside the pub was your normal rage night against Chelsea. Swearing over your mum when she visited you and bothering when Chelsea match began was unconventional rage. It’s weird and got weirder when you said Chelsea playing not better than us. They are playing cleverly without getting any red card even they were play more aggressive than Arsenal. Provoking Arsenal or other team is one of the specialty of Diego Costa, the man who had no shame. Chelsea once again beat Arsenal in N5 soil with the same old nostalgic match. Red card, 10 man, suddenly no one who can attack properly, poorly defensive, that’s Arsenal do against Chelsea in the past Roman era. This is not happen just once, we already feeling this familiar atmosphere for every big match. Why?

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Thanks to Arsene Wenger, that this year is solely different after a lot of improvement in the last 5 years. We bought Ozil, Alexis and Cech which brings power and stability for Arsenal squad. Academy going get fruitful after several players coming through and backroom staff was replaced with another one. These differences were made Arsenal stronger than Arsenal do in the past 5 years, but why yet still lose? You didn’t came thrown out some money out there just for getting kicked out didn’t you? I think there’s few factors that makes it happened over and over again for Arsenal.

Arsenal is better when it comes on pressure to lose than to win

It’s funny because it’s true. You expect something better from Arsenal after several performances down or up before the big match. For any predictions and hopes you had before the match, countless times to read and analyze the opposition but it’s all depends on Arsene approach after all. Remember how Arsenal are supposed to kick out Bayern Munich last year in UCL group stage but it wasn’t happen.

After several wins in EPL, Arsenal supposed to be on form for Bayern Munich in second leg Group Stage to lead the group. And surprisingly Arsenal came to lose 5-1 and it makes harder to qualify for 16 best qualifiers. What is the differences from Arsenal win in first leg against Bayern? Arsenal not considered as favourites for UCL and playing with freedom than the last.

It’s all the same when Arsenal meet Chelsea in the first leg fixture against them this season. Record for not having any win against Chelsea in BPL also haunted Arsenal in that game. Considered as favourites, with more of Chelsea player got injured and Hazard is out of form makes the odds higher. The result is bitter with one red card and lose 2-0 with Diego Costa playing use provocative approach. How about last night? Well such as mixed reviews from a lot of pundits about how and who’s gonna win, but Arsenal slightly upfront with bigger chance in title race and Chelsea lost in someone pocket. The result?  We lose with one red card and 1 nil down, the nostalgic moment with the same outcome. Even you can see the spirit came in the last 20 minutes with Alexis came on the pitch but Arsenal can’t do nothing at the start of game even Ozil lead the squad. Why Arsenal always playing like this after 2 FA cups? Is it Arsenal still lack of title mentality?

Arsenal almost always got bad referee and bad judgement in big match. Is it true?

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Arsenal could choose Mike Dean as Arsenal worst boogeyman for every match he officiates. You could choose is it against Chelski, the shadows, or even Manchester United. The fans not favour him, and even the statistics for Arsenal not favour him. Statistically, Dean is Arsenal’s bogeyman in black. The Gunners have only won 33.3 per cent of their games that he has officiated since 2011/12. Andre Marriner as official in big match against Chelsea in 2014 also came as the worst choice for Arsenal, when Alex Oxlade Chamberlain got sent off instead Kieran Gibbs who did the foul. Bussacca as referee in UCL second leg against Barcelona to sent off RvP for kicking the ball after gotten offside also ridiculously funny judgment. Or Arsenal fans could choose Mark Clattenburg after last night Diego Costa “clever” play against Mertesacker tackle?

Whenever we play with those referee on the big match, Arsenal always on pressure tactics and got fouled several times in the first half. This is what happens when you fight in game determine which club to qualify, if it against any big team, you can name it. The terms of “clever” play out last night after Diego Costa manage to get Arsenal second red card in this season terms. What is clever play? Is it playing hard, not get justified when you fouled someone and get referee on your side with blabbering your reason? Is it clever play is an ugly play? Every single big team against Arsenal are doing it, Manchester United in the past 10 year, Barcelona with drama class, Real Madrid with Pepe as leader, and Chelsea with Diego Costa as player with no shame or you could name manager who love to play like these, Jose Mourinho.

Why Arsenal didn’t play like this? It’s working at least to beat them. Kicking opposition feet to the stand and provoking referee every single foul opposition made is quite good after all. Why Arsenal didn’t play “cleverly” than ever? Did Arsenal player couldn’t cope playing like this or even the play didn’t have any bravery at all? Or the key is on the managerial issue?

Arsene Wenger is not a fan of this play, he is love to play fine game in justice system. Whenever someone kick Arsenal player he defends them with moan the official, and if Arsenal players fouled opposition harshly, Arsene let the official to judge. Why? Why bother to play with judgement like that? Why not kick them up in the arse and get them lost from Emirates soil?

“Is the ugly way the best way? The most efficient way is to play good football and not to kick the ball into the stand, because there is no goal there, the goal is on the pitch.” Arsene Wenger.

That’s his principles to win like that, Arsene wanted to win like a man. But is the fans gonna like it? Are Arsenal fans the type whose gonna win no matter what the cost? Even become the devil? Or are Arsenal fans stay like these without any insurance that Arsenal got Justified better for their sacrifice? It’s still depends on Arsene but if Arsenal fans love the drama.. It’s up to them to change.

“Manners Maketh Men”

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.


Is Arsene Wenger a superstitious man?

Superstitious about supernatural things or Feng Shui of football are common thing which happens at football world. You believe to something that makes you comfortable before the match and hope it would helps you to win that game. I am not talking about witchcraft here, but the unorthodox habits that weird for some people and reasons but for some not. Arsenal players had some of footballer who believes on this kind of thing, and some of managers even do the same, they even make it so seriously.

Some of Arsenal players do prepared what is their food before the game, what gear they must take, what kind of training before the game and even before going to pitch, they do weird movements to boost their superstitious morale hoping to score some goals that night. But it was the common thing you heard from the player, even we do that whenever we play a little bit 5-a-side or even any game. But how about the manager? The man behind the scene of game, the mind games before game, the one who burns your spirit and who gives you rational or logical thing to win something, we’ll it’s kinda weird for someone who put the charge on everything based on logic to had that. But, Some of you, maybe even heard those manager who did that. They even famously pick the player based on their weird factor, and its debatable which it was selfishness or it was really based on form.

Arsene Wenger came to Arsenal in 1997 with impression of a teacher not even a manager. So basically you would tell that the guy must be rationally and logical thinking not based on speculation. After 20 years reigns at Arsenal, is he still the same guy? Was his experiences could be the factor that makes him change? Let’s discuss about how his behavior since he step the foot at England.

In his first 10 years, his choice of selection is famously connected with French player. He inherited the squad from Graham and Rioch, which focused on defensive area as Tony Adams as a leader and Dennis Bergkamp upfront. But he brings back player who has been worked with him before, Thierry Henry from Juventus, when Wenger still at AS Monaco. He bought another foreign player which fill the squad more than English player, such as Petit, Vieira, Pires and many more. Is it superstitious for him to buy foreign player than locals? It seems no, he said to media about it,

“My dream was always to produce 60 per cent English and 40 per cent foreign young players, We are still only focused on quality but for the first time England produces so much quality. It’s not that I have changed.” Arsene Wenger.

Seems like it’s not superstitious things to buy foreign players, it was his vision after all and it’s all math in Arsene’s mind,Lol.

He changed a diet of Arsenal players to ban a Mars bar in players diet. Makes them eat a plenty of healthy food since he came. If you ask if it’s weird then you’re wrong, it’s healthier but you can’t ban Mars bar, it’s tasty. And how about the tactics he played?  He always love to play with beautiful attacking attractive football and he must playing fine football. He said to media about it too,

“Is the ugly way the best way? The most efficient way is to play good football and not to kick the ball into the stand, because there is no goal there, the goal is on the pitch.” Arsene Wenger.

He said whenever to tackle you have committed with it and it’s belong to referee to judge, that’s why he prefer to stay away with ugly play. But he told also if he need to change then he will, he is no stubborn man. What does he mean is if you must play defensively then he will, what’s matter is the result. He will put winger when he need it, he put Giroud if he wants to, and play 4 playmaker if it’s possible. Not superstitious thing. Well. Another passed by, that this man doesn’t have any superstitious thing whenever he choose tactics. How about his dress code? Arsene loves to put his suit and tie from Arsenal sponsors when the weather is cool, but when is not, the coat is coming. The coat was very long, almost touch his feet and very thick. Whenever and whoever he plays in cold weather he always choose that coat and it’s not superstitious enough. It’s just cold and even he mocked his own funny jokes, the zipper on Puma adverts. Amazing isn’t it?

I almost run out of ideas about Arsene Wenger a superstitious man, how can I thought about that? When I, as a fans and analyze the game from the stand and the flat, I always do a superstitious thing. Whatever it comes for a goal, an injury, or even the player who will get a red card. Wenger is not that man, he complain when it’s not at the right place, he analyze the game from the records and statistics on and on. He is logical person, a sober, always being the coolest person ( if he pushed Mourinho last year, it just because Mou deserve it). It was contradiction with us fans, when he is the most logical person, we hope for something that so weird. I thought we just left the superstitious thing for fans and put Arsene Wenger alone. He doesn’t need it, he just wants to prove that success is process.

By the way, talking about Arsene Wenger shaking hands in official match, sometimes he didn’t shaking another manager. But it was there is no reason, it just a tense things happen and conditions. He said it was Wenger family tradition to shake hands it seems. I only find one weird thing that comes up in my mind..


Still.. He comes with some logical reason.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.

Do you need 70 minutes to learn?

Madness. The word I used to say when something that doesn’t work but you still do it over and over again. I watched the game against Stoke yesterday and I am almost cringe for every minute wasted. Why Arsenal play so boring against low side when Manchester City and United win and Leicester have a tie? Yet we are still on top but we still have long way to go, and have a bit point to lead isn’t too evil. DUH.

images (3).jpg

We are playing without Ozil as rumours have been told beforehand and Ozil have a slight “injury”. It’s still okay as we have been won before when Ozil not playing in middle. Yesterday we put the almost fastest paced formation we had with Theo, Ox and Campbell behind Giroud. Ramsey and Flamini in the middle when every Arsenal fans expect to see new debut of Elneny instead of that selection.

Many questions have been thrown from anywhere who will lead us in No.10, the playmaker. Is it Campbell, the Ox or Ramsey? Campbell is capable doing killer through ball but he is no playmaker, Ramsey is an OK guy but he already said he prefer playing box to box and at last, the Ox as no.10, who still unproven and yet still had lack of match in first team. Arsene choose the Ox in middle hoping that he turns into Barkley or Sterling soon.

But it actually didn’t work out, Arsenal is poorly passing the right way and brings out the finish. No one brought the verse to chorus, no bridge between it. Flamini is purely defensive type so no one can blame him, Ramsey really a great box to box but he can’t do vision better than Ozil. So the Ox got the job, he actually missed to give key passing in first half, it was bad actually remember how effectively Arsenal style of play in key chances.

Arseblog gives a clue about how actually the pitch affected about how a whole team plays. The Stoke pitch is more narrow than Emirates so it’s hard to open space and to catch a breath when you’re pressed in middle and on your own half. It is one factor why the tactic don’t works and this environment factor already didn’t work to our fast track player.

You knew when it didn’t work out maybe you’re trying to find the solution faster and yet Wenger didn’t see that chance. Walcott actually do some dribbling and drives in. He give glimpse of hope for Arsenal in the box but some fouls didn’t get justified.

The man got rusty after a few couple chance being blocked by Stoke tight defense. The Ox didn’t even do much after several shots from outside, he is really unlucky. You knew you can add someone who had better techniques in passing with subs. You got Iwobi and Arteta who capable at least for doing that and yet you still giving faith.


Arsenal attacking stats from 0-72th minutes against Stoke City.

Despite Arsenal got the possession but you actually can see how our pass has been blocked a lot of times. There’s no one who actually commands the pattern. When you don’t have it, don’t expect goals. 70 minutes later you put Iwobi to change Walcott, even Walcott looks mad but he already had a bad day and it’s enough. You out.


Arsenal attacking stats after Iwobi came in 72-90th(+3) minutes against Stoke City.

Iwobi came in and you can see how this unexperienced kid deliver something in the middle. Just couple of minutes he do slightly better than Ox in an hour. If you watch it than you knew, it’s not a matter of personal of view but it’s what happened. What makes me mad is how its take a long time to realize,  and we just got 20 minutes to do something.

We are losing 2 points already when we will meet Chelsea in the next fixture. Wenger can’t say we are lucky to get points and Wenger praise how good we fight. He told media,

“There’s a charisma in this team, a togetherness that comes out with a fighting attitude.[We are] people who really want to do well and that came out again today. I’m very proud of that and I think the club should be proud of that.” Arsene Wenger, 2016.

Arsenal already capable for doing that thing, it’s time to take the next step, to win when it’s possible and not waste any match. We have to act like how scary we are, act accordingly like that and you get the title. The confidence is strong to boost the morale if you meant to win.

It’s OK if you think that it’s all because the narrow pitch and cold air, or even it’s good thing that we managed to get out without injuries. But don’t forget Arsenal how badly was yesterday and Wenger do nothing for an hour. I’m quite stressful watching it and cringe as Wenger just stand there complain his player yesterday.

It’s OK to change someone monsieur, you are brave to dropped someone to another club but you can’t take out the chance on the title just because you wanted to wait a little bit. Maybe you just lack of tempo last match. Just maybe.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.

Did Arsenal find the way to fight ruthless and pressure tactics?

Arsenal unbelievable result in match against Liverpool deliver a performance with such a tense threat and short grasp breath experience. The situation makes you never knew when you have to hold on and when you are going full scale attack.

The match demands Arsenal fully concentrate against Liverpool pace and direct approach. Liverpool produce a different perform and surprisingly came with eminent goal after sluggish performance in both league and FA cup.

Jurgen Klopp bring his ‘metal’ philosophy against Arsene ‘orchestra’ play. Jurgen offering fast pressure, direct approach and unbelievable stamina in his touch in Arsenal match. It’s working because Arsene kind of play a little bit defensive and more produce counter attack this season against big team. And Arsenal haunted with nostalgic moment when meet that kind of team, Arsenal rarely create comfortable play.

The mutual show of force between each team makes unexpected expression from Klopp. Firmino, Liverpool striker who rarely perform gives Liverpool twice to lead the match. Thanks to great performance by Campbell, Aaron and Giroud, Arsenal manage to tie the game in first half.

“What’s going on?” Klopp ask Arsene about it. Dubious, respect and funny response described those guys reactions between the line that night. But they both agreed that night was very hard and entertaining game at the same time.

Within 40 minutes, 4 goals created in first half, all of them came unexpected and burn the atmosphere between two teams. What interestingly is 2 goals from Arsenal came when Arsenal still on full pressure and fast pace from Liverpool. Those goals also came from a tight gap and in tightly marking formation. Response and actively seeking space for Arsenal to play the ball offensively came from Campbell. Credits have been given to his creativity and full work rate for assisting two goals for Arsenal.

Every single goal that Liverpool manage to do was very mistakenly doing by Arsenal defense. The main problem is Arsenal lack of concentration for passing directly to release the pressure at the first ten minutes. Although Petr Cech capable parrying the ball but Koscielny can’t block the shot and the ball knocked inside.

But there is slightly different act came from Arsenal after surprisingly Ramsey goal to tie the game. Even Arsenal still lost the possession, but the work rate really equate Liverpool tactics. Campbell, Walcott and Giroud are playing with high work rate in own half with hope could marking zone the Liverpool strategy.

The key for Arsenal to break Liverpool are making fake and crossing movements. Ramsey and Bellerin demonstrated it very well. Robust movements with fake pass really drives Arsenal to a surprise attack but sadly Ozil can’t shows off last night which rarely happen. In Basketball terms of tactics it called as pick-roll and crossing were built for used to against man to man marking.

images (2)

In theory, Player A become the ‘wall’ to stop the marking man and making a space for player B. But in case of football, physical contact to stop player is a foul. So Arsenal makes shape-shifting and fake crossing movements to block or even making counter attack last night. Arsenal is naturally playing that tactics so it wasn’t kinda so much for them.


Yet Arsenal still lack of interception but managed to got 2 goals and even 3 is amazing. What’s great too is ball recoveries on both halves by Arsenal, Arsenal manage to get the same stats with Liverpool which gives a picture how great both of the team playing counter attack each other. And these two pictures about how crazy movements to fight pressure is described below here.

It shows how effectively Arsenal playing in defense to break the pressure from Liverpool. Arsenal knew about Liverpool relying on pressure so Arsene obviously playing the counter attack. The conclusion is Arsenal could have 3 goals in harsh and pressure tactics really bring describe how Arsenal capable to fight that. Work rate is important to get the ball and making fake movements. Stamina against stamina.

Arsene and the squad really knew and remember how to fight against these team, no more hiccups in Arsenal side, no more awkward plays. Mentality and movements are key for against these tactics and if Arsenal managed to fight that, the Arsenal Way will come.

Despite disappointed by the results, in those days before, Arsenal maybe got 5 goals conceded. But this time is different, the squad is different and everything else is under control. Arsenal played how they want to fight, and Arsenal bring it on. We conceded the third goals because in last minute was very hard to concentrate and in the end everyone must pay the price of that.

Now work rate is very important for Arsenal, thanks to Alexis who brings that to the team. Arsenal knew how to manage the harsh team now. How to fight the pressure tirelessly. This is the key to fight Barcelona in the future fixtures.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK. / @anzalariveris

Arsenal Fighting Inside Out

Arsenal win against Sunderland to defend FA cup title race yesterday and since win against Newcastle, Arsenal next match will be the clash of Klopp with his ‘metal’ philosophy on Arsene ‘orchestra’. Liverpool is struggling with injuries at the moment, but Arsenal is on different movement towards the title and doesn’t show the sign to hold back.

Everything went so well for Arsenal with a lot of news coming inside the squad for the next half of season. Arsenal indeed lose Ospina out for groin injury but good news came with Alexis is very close at the moment, Rosicky in full training, duo Iwobi-Reine promisingly well, Ramsey on fine form and Gibbs has back on his feet well.

It is good for Arsenal when everyone come back, Arsenal could reach highest form together while Arsene in dilemma making chemistry for the best squad. The competition inside the squad is going better as well as outside and it was healthier for the club in the future. Arsene Wenger ever told media about how Arsenal condition when he leave, he said,

“I am resolute to commit absolutely until the last day of my contract to bring back big success to this club, and leave as well one day in a position where it can do even better when I leave. That is for me very important that I leave the club in the shape that the guy who comes after me can do better.” Arsene Wenger, 2015.

What he see in the future is far beyond of what everyone thought and the shape of a new era has been spotted on. Arsene known by a manager who building the club through academy player and youth development. And rarely pay big if the talent is not exceptional enough for the club tactics.

This season has become one of good example for Arsene remarks on Arsenal Academy. After 200 player who has been playing under him, an exceptional record for a manager who reigns 20 years and he already put a lot of world class player in his touch. A flower blossom from a Spaniard Hector Bellerin who has been exceptional since broken Walcott record on 40m sprint. And he already playing well enough with several performances with Arsenal.

This boy really exceptional that makes Debuchy who was his senior and experienced in national team must been struggling to fight and his place. The right back position is very competitive place right now in the squad and it’s Arsene behaviour as he really loves someone who fights on and on. This really makes everyone going right now as when 4-5 years before, Arsenal rarely have real competition for every single position.

Every player in their position really playing carefully to not getting injured as maintain their performance this season. In left back, Monreal high consistency will be in dangerous position when Gibbs playing offensive and powerful like last night against Sunderland. Both player were fast, precise crossing and have a good finishing.

And took the central back post, Gabriel Paulista really given Wenger thoughts about his capabilities and it would make Mertesacker performance in pressure to live on. And even there is a lot senior player this season is in near-term contract but Flamini, Arteta, and Rosicky still capable to bring the best this half of season. Aaron Ramsey and Ox are the one who had highest pressure to bring out their talents as if they aren’t, Arsene would bought or debut new player again in middle.

Olivier Giroud is close at his 30s and he tends to playing as much as possible before the goal didn’t came out. While Walcott is in his prime age to became main modern Arsenal striker and he demanded it. Joel insurgents from right side and Arsene loves his phenomenon work rate. Alexis and Ozil looks like having a nice day strolling in the park but Wilshere and Welbeck are chasing them behind.

And you can’t count out young guy from the Academy, as Zelalem playing very well at Rangers, Crowley, Bielik, and Kamara will be there when someone out in the middle. Jeff, Willock, Iwobi and Akpom are ready to bring some goals and talent whenever they needed. Everyone ready to became another Cesc, another Bellerin and Coquelin.

It wasn’t easy to keep on the performance while playing in and out. But this is the first time while we have world class player again in our squad, the balance of force to young and old player and emerging player from academy at the same time. Arsene really almost complete his vision, but he still dreaming bigger than this I believe. Arsene loves to make his player fighting and competitive inside and outside the league. It is a dream for every manager in the world to have such a complete and competitive squad.

But all of choice is on Arsene hands and whatever he choose in the squad, that is the fights. The squad must ready, knew that this is a war, knew that whenever you touch the ground there’s your rival and a friend to cover you up. Knew that this competitive spirits would be good for keeping their performance and mental to knew their boundaries and brings out their best. Knew that they are bring out to win!


Coquelin passion, Arsenal.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK. / @anzalariveris

What Next for Mikel Arteta?

As written in Goonersphere.

Mikel Arteta took the Arsenal captain’s armband from Thomas Vermaelen after being an ever present in the Arsenal midfield and deputising for the Belgian as Arsenal’s Vice-captain. Now aged 33, with 5 seasons with Arsenal and 2 FA Cup titles to his name, and his contract due to expire in the summer he is being painted as dead wood by some fans and a worthy squad addition as player-coach by others. So what next for our club captain?

The Captain is the one who is supposed to be prepared to sacrifice himself for the team and Arteta did that from the moment he pen to paper on his first Arsenal contract. His style of play at Everton was that of a more conventional number 10 or playmaker but he took on a deeper creative midfield role with Arsenal in his first season before making the full-time switch to being Arsenal’s defensive, or holding, midfielder. Mikel, whilst not comparable in a technical sense to Guardiola, took on a similar ‘pivot’ style as the ex-Barcelona player and manager. He was effective in that role due to his calm and assertive personality, allowing him to be the one dictating the tempo from deep.

Arteta played a key role in helping Arsenal lift their first major honour in 9 years to cap off three years of great performances but in November 2014, he started to look sluggish and his battle with injuries began. As such it came as a surprise to some when he signed a one year contract extension last summer but overall I think he deserved it.

Arteta’s passion for being Arsenal’s captain cannot be questioned and his celebration for scoring against his old side, Everton, where he put his hand on our crest, the holy crest, demonstrated that. He clearly has a lot of affection for his former club but he loves Arsenal.

Some people have superstitious beliefs about the Arsenal captaincy being cursed with each of Arsenal’s captains since Patrick Vieira all leaving either losing their first team spot to another player or forcing their way out. I never really bought into it and it could be simple coincidence fueling confirmation bias but it does look like Arteta is the latest victim of said curse. Arteta getting injured forced Arsène to bring back Coquelin and he immediately set out about doing a better job than the captain and has gone from strength to strength. Francis Coquelin is a different style of player to Arteta, he doesn’t have the same passing range and cannot dictate the tempo from behind like the Spaniard but he is much better at tackling, cutting out possession and giving stability to the defense. Coquelin’s work rate is phenomenal too but considering Arteta’s age it’s hard to hold that one against him especially as his technique is still there.


The recent theme for Arsenal captains sitting on the sidelines calls into question the mentality of the club and manager for some. The captain is supposed to be the vessel of leadership on the pitch but with the official captain sometimes seen as a reluctant addition to the matchday squad it’s asked if the armband is a meaningless symbol these days. If indeed the role is purely symbolic then surely Arsenal’s mental fragility will be exposed? Two FA Cup wins and occupying top spot in the league dispels that a little but the worry of a lack of leadership lingers. How can the appointed leader play a pivotal role in shaping the mentality of the club from the background? Well, Arteta finds himself in that situation, much as Thomas Vermaelen did before him, and he is showing a lot of leadership and composure.

“Being captain is a big honour and a privilege, with a big responsibility. I will try to stand up and do my best for my players. I have done it before last season when Thomas was injured, so I am used to it, now I just have to try make the best of my team-mates, the manager and the club.” – Mikel Arteta, 2015.

He is showing that he isn’t thinking solely about his career. He is 33 years old, with the sun setting ever more steadily on his career, and yet he is more focused on how to make the best for his team-mates, for Arsène and for Arsenal. How could you not respect someone who puts the club before himself? Rather than seek a comfortable swan song elsewhere he is determined to support the team, in whatever way he can, to establish a basis for long and short-term success.

That is true leadership. The many before the one. The club before the man. That’s why Wenger is linking him to a managerial or coach role at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has been told the media that Arteta will be fit for the FA cup match against Sunderland today, and I hope he will be playing on through the second half of season to lead and help us chase silverware on three fronts. I believe his mentality will give him boost to fight for his place with Coquelin and Flamini. Should he rediscover a vein of fitness and stamina he still has exceptional quality and that will be crucial for squad rotation.

Mikel can work with Coquelin as Santi does, playing the role of accomplished passer and play builder. We already know he works well with Ramsey. Mikel can offer us depth and leadership until his contract is up and whatever decision is made after that, be it to retire, play elsewhere or become our player-coach, he will surely have earned the respect and love of Arsenal fans worldwide.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK. / @anzalariveris

The Next : Wellington Silva

I am fancy about this one, Arsenal Brazilian winger who already attracted Arsenal since 2008 but already forgotten like Ryo Miyaichi and Park-Chu-Young. Dubbed as the same as Neymar, he is at the same age too and even he is playing together in Brazil Under-17. He is 23 years old this year, and not yet makes any impact for Arsenal after 4 seasons getting loaned and playing under reserves. His tenacity, well technique, and fast paced already catching-eyed for every football fans all around the world. When he came here, he didn’t get any chance to play for first team because of England work permit and he must playing in Spai for getting his time. But what Arsenal get after waiting this long time, is it worth it?


We struggled with the Ox not performing well, Serge Gnabry didn’t get any chances under Tony Pulis and we just hoped that Joel Campbell can develop into Neymar this season without getting injured. Haha. I don’t mean to be so meanie about this, but if we need consistently playing and challenge the premier League and manage to playing big side without worries at least we had big trio too upfront for Arsenal. Statistics didn’t lie, Messi-Suarez-Neymar already contributed more than 150 goals for Barcelona and Bale, Benzema and Cristiano, Real Madrid trio spear if their skills not makes any defender shiver then their goals makes any moral opponent down.

I mean, we are big clubs then act like it,  Manchunian or Chelsea already had their, then we need something strong too for our next trio. I don’t count Walcott as right winger again as Giroud can manage being super sub whenever it comes and he proves that he performed well when being benched. So what’s left are Joel Campbell, The Ox, Alex Iwobi, Chuba Akpom, Jeff Rene-Adelaide and Wellington Silva.

Chuba Akpom waited long for his chance, Alex Iwobi already get his chance under his feet in several match this season, Jeff Rene already putting several brace for Under-21 and put his name in subs, the Ox struggling for his performance and Joel Campbell really playing his best already at this post being written. And then Mr. Wellington Silva who being loaned at Bolton and already performing really well under Neil Lennon in Championship side.

Wellington Silva Curriculum Vitae isn’t bad enough, after several loan at Real Murcia, Almeria and now Bolton Wanderers he ready became regulars and playing attractively in wings. He is very fast, high paced and skillful technique really knitted his way whenever he dribble into opposition area. He already playing with big clubs such as Real and Barcelona and got his Spanish passport for getting work permit at England. His experience on big league already there but his experience for England paced plays or kick and rush as we said that is not well enough. So Arsene already thinks that Wellington can fill in winger position on left or right for next season.

But this January is his chance to coming back too, Arsene looks like already bought Elneny but maybe got knocked out because of work permit terms. Joel and Ox are enough but we will get three busy schedule with 40 match waiting for us so fitting unexperienced side like Iwobi and Rene Adeleide would not good for those title fights. I prefer brings back Serge Gnabry or Wellington Silva for playing his chance to play on right wing at FA cup or EPL.


Wellington Silva. Bolton Wanderers. 2015

Rated 6.58 by Who Scored with 11 apps for Bolton, he already made 1 goal for them, 13 shots already with 6 off target and 5 getting on also he weak at passes with just 3 crosses on both wings. Well he is a truly dribbler with skillful technique but his physique and bad pass are not satisfying but at least he can give us choice which player can drives in, who visions good at pass and who manage on crossing very well. Wellington Silva really need adjustment with Premier League which so much different with Champioship, so bring him on 2-3 plays would be better for his development on squad too.

Neil Lennon of Bolton Wanderers is fans of him, and it’s good for his development but it won’t bad too if we bring him back sooner to EPL to giving depth on Arsenal squad before injury hitting us hard. But its all Arsene choice which title he focused on, or if he wanted to win it all, of course he need choose the depth of the squad or if he can maintain the squad fitness it would be the best. I loved how Wellington Silva playing on the field, but he rarely under Arsene touch, Henry or Pires yet on Arsenal training ground.. He will become something, i believe, you knew experienced tutor with experience on the field is the best duo combination for big player. so you can see what happens if you give him time too a little bit at Arsenal, it won’t be bad.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post and right now focused as freelance  sports journo on Indonesia, USA and UK.

Anzala Ryanto. @anzalariveris