Arsenal Fighting Inside Out

Arsenal win against Sunderland to defend FA cup title race yesterday and since win against Newcastle, Arsenal next match will be the clash of Klopp with his ‘metal’ philosophy on Arsene ‘orchestra’. Liverpool is struggling with injuries at the moment, but Arsenal is on different movement towards the title and doesn’t show the sign to hold back.

Everything went so well for Arsenal with a lot of news coming inside the squad for the next half of season. Arsenal indeed lose Ospina out for groin injury but good news came with Alexis is very close at the moment, Rosicky in full training, duo Iwobi-Reine promisingly well, Ramsey on fine form and Gibbs has back on his feet well.

It is good for Arsenal when everyone come back, Arsenal could reach highest form together while Arsene in dilemma making chemistry for the best squad. The competition inside the squad is going better as well as outside and it was healthier for the club in the future. Arsene Wenger ever told media about how Arsenal condition when he leave, he said,

“I am resolute to commit absolutely until the last day of my contract to bring back big success to this club, and leave as well one day in a position where it can do even better when I leave. That is for me very important that I leave the club in the shape that the guy who comes after me can do better.” Arsene Wenger, 2015.

What he see in the future is far beyond of what everyone thought and the shape of a new era has been spotted on. Arsene known by a manager who building the club through academy player and youth development. And rarely pay big if the talent is not exceptional enough for the club tactics.

This season has become one of good example for Arsene remarks on Arsenal Academy. After 200 player who has been playing under him, an exceptional record for a manager who reigns 20 years and he already put a lot of world class player in his touch. A flower blossom from a Spaniard Hector Bellerin who has been exceptional since broken Walcott record on 40m sprint. And he already playing well enough with several performances with Arsenal.

This boy really exceptional that makes Debuchy who was his senior and experienced in national team must been struggling to fight and his place. The right back position is very competitive place right now in the squad and it’s Arsene behaviour as he really loves someone who fights on and on. This really makes everyone going right now as when 4-5 years before, Arsenal rarely have real competition for every single position.

Every player in their position really playing carefully to not getting injured as maintain their performance this season. In left back, Monreal high consistency will be in dangerous position when Gibbs playing offensive and powerful like last night against Sunderland. Both player were fast, precise crossing and have a good finishing.

And took the central back post, Gabriel Paulista really given Wenger thoughts about his capabilities and it would make Mertesacker performance in pressure to live on. And even there is a lot senior player this season is in near-term contract but Flamini, Arteta, and Rosicky still capable to bring the best this half of season. Aaron Ramsey and Ox are the one who had highest pressure to bring out their talents as if they aren’t, Arsene would bought or debut new player again in middle.

Olivier Giroud is close at his 30s and he tends to playing as much as possible before the goal didn’t came out. While Walcott is in his prime age to became main modern Arsenal striker and he demanded it. Joel insurgents from right side and Arsene loves his phenomenon work rate. Alexis and Ozil looks like having a nice day strolling in the park but Wilshere and Welbeck are chasing them behind.

And you can’t count out young guy from the Academy, as Zelalem playing very well at Rangers, Crowley, Bielik, and Kamara will be there when someone out in the middle. Jeff, Willock, Iwobi and Akpom are ready to bring some goals and talent whenever they needed. Everyone ready to became another Cesc, another Bellerin and Coquelin.

It wasn’t easy to keep on the performance while playing in and out. But this is the first time while we have world class player again in our squad, the balance of force to young and old player and emerging player from academy at the same time. Arsene really almost complete his vision, but he still dreaming bigger than this I believe. Arsene loves to make his player fighting and competitive inside and outside the league. It is a dream for every manager in the world to have such a complete and competitive squad.

But all of choice is on Arsene hands and whatever he choose in the squad, that is the fights. The squad must ready, knew that this is a war, knew that whenever you touch the ground there’s your rival and a friend to cover you up. Knew that this competitive spirits would be good for keeping their performance and mental to knew their boundaries and brings out their best. Knew that they are bring out to win!


Coquelin passion, Arsenal.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK. / @anzalariveris


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