Did Arsenal find the way to fight ruthless and pressure tactics?

Arsenal unbelievable result in match against Liverpool deliver a performance with such a tense threat and short grasp breath experience. The situation makes you never knew when you have to hold on and when you are going full scale attack.

The match demands Arsenal fully concentrate against Liverpool pace and direct approach. Liverpool produce a different perform and surprisingly came with eminent goal after sluggish performance in both league and FA cup.

Jurgen Klopp bring his ‘metal’ philosophy against Arsene ‘orchestra’ play. Jurgen offering fast pressure, direct approach and unbelievable stamina in his touch in Arsenal match. It’s working because Arsene kind of play a little bit defensive and more produce counter attack this season against big team. And Arsenal haunted with nostalgic moment when meet that kind of team, Arsenal rarely create comfortable play.

The mutual show of force between each team makes unexpected expression from Klopp. Firmino, Liverpool striker who rarely perform gives Liverpool twice to lead the match. Thanks to great performance by Campbell, Aaron and Giroud, Arsenal manage to tie the game in first half.

“What’s going on?” Klopp ask Arsene about it. Dubious, respect and funny response described those guys reactions between the line that night. But they both agreed that night was very hard and entertaining game at the same time.

Within 40 minutes, 4 goals created in first half, all of them came unexpected and burn the atmosphere between two teams. What interestingly is 2 goals from Arsenal came when Arsenal still on full pressure and fast pace from Liverpool. Those goals also came from a tight gap and in tightly marking formation. Response and actively seeking space for Arsenal to play the ball offensively came from Campbell. Credits have been given to his creativity and full work rate for assisting two goals for Arsenal.

Every single goal that Liverpool manage to do was very mistakenly doing by Arsenal defense. The main problem is Arsenal lack of concentration for passing directly to release the pressure at the first ten minutes. Although Petr Cech capable parrying the ball but Koscielny can’t block the shot and the ball knocked inside.

But there is slightly different act came from Arsenal after surprisingly Ramsey goal to tie the game. Even Arsenal still lost the possession, but the work rate really equate Liverpool tactics. Campbell, Walcott and Giroud are playing with high work rate in own half with hope could marking zone the Liverpool strategy.

The key for Arsenal to break Liverpool are making fake and crossing movements. Ramsey and Bellerin demonstrated it very well. Robust movements with fake pass really drives Arsenal to a surprise attack but sadly Ozil can’t shows off last night which rarely happen. In Basketball terms of tactics it called as pick-roll and crossing were built for used to against man to man marking.

images (2)

In theory, Player A become the ‘wall’ to stop the marking man and making a space for player B. But in case of football, physical contact to stop player is a foul. So Arsenal makes shape-shifting and fake crossing movements to block or even making counter attack last night. Arsenal is naturally playing that tactics so it wasn’t kinda so much for them.


Yet Arsenal still lack of interception but managed to got 2 goals and even 3 is amazing. What’s great too is ball recoveries on both halves by Arsenal, Arsenal manage to get the same stats with Liverpool which gives a picture how great both of the team playing counter attack each other. And these two pictures about how crazy movements to fight pressure is described below here.

It shows how effectively Arsenal playing in defense to break the pressure from Liverpool. Arsenal knew about Liverpool relying on pressure so Arsene obviously playing the counter attack. The conclusion is Arsenal could have 3 goals in harsh and pressure tactics really bring describe how Arsenal capable to fight that. Work rate is important to get the ball and making fake movements. Stamina against stamina.

Arsene and the squad really knew and remember how to fight against these team, no more hiccups in Arsenal side, no more awkward plays. Mentality and movements are key for against these tactics and if Arsenal managed to fight that, the Arsenal Way will come.

Despite disappointed by the results, in those days before, Arsenal maybe got 5 goals conceded. But this time is different, the squad is different and everything else is under control. Arsenal played how they want to fight, and Arsenal bring it on. We conceded the third goals because in last minute was very hard to concentrate and in the end everyone must pay the price of that.

Now work rate is very important for Arsenal, thanks to Alexis who brings that to the team. Arsenal knew how to manage the harsh team now. How to fight the pressure tirelessly. This is the key to fight Barcelona in the future fixtures.

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.

anzalariveris.wordpress.com / @anzalariveris


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