Arsenal is not a “Clever” club?

Kicking out the bin outside the pub was your normal rage night against Chelsea. Swearing over your mum when she visited you and bothering when Chelsea match began was unconventional rage. It’s weird and got weirder when you said Chelsea playing not better than us. They are playing cleverly without getting any red card even they were play more aggressive than Arsenal. Provoking Arsenal or other team is one of the specialty of Diego Costa, the man who had no shame. Chelsea once again beat Arsenal in N5 soil with the same old nostalgic match. Red card, 10 man, suddenly no one who can attack properly, poorly defensive, that’s Arsenal do against Chelsea in the past Roman era. This is not happen just once, we already feeling this familiar atmosphere for every big match. Why?

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Thanks to Arsene Wenger, that this year is solely different after a lot of improvement in the last 5 years. We bought Ozil, Alexis and Cech which brings power and stability for Arsenal squad. Academy going get fruitful after several players coming through and backroom staff was replaced with another one. These differences were made Arsenal stronger than Arsenal do in the past 5 years, but why yet still lose? You didn’t came thrown out some money out there just for getting kicked out didn’t you? I think there’s few factors that makes it happened over and over again for Arsenal.

Arsenal is better when it comes on pressure to lose than to win

It’s funny because it’s true. You expect something better from Arsenal after several performances down or up before the big match. For any predictions and hopes you had before the match, countless times to read and analyze the opposition but it’s all depends on Arsene approach after all. Remember how Arsenal are supposed to kick out Bayern Munich last year in UCL group stage but it wasn’t happen.

After several wins in EPL, Arsenal supposed to be on form for Bayern Munich in second leg Group Stage to lead the group. And surprisingly Arsenal came to lose 5-1 and it makes harder to qualify for 16 best qualifiers. What is the differences from Arsenal win in first leg against Bayern? Arsenal not considered as favourites for UCL and playing with freedom than the last.

It’s all the same when Arsenal meet Chelsea in the first leg fixture against them this season. Record for not having any win against Chelsea in BPL also haunted Arsenal in that game. Considered as favourites, with more of Chelsea player got injured and Hazard is out of form makes the odds higher. The result is bitter with one red card and lose 2-0 with Diego Costa playing use provocative approach. How about last night? Well such as mixed reviews from a lot of pundits about how and who’s gonna win, but Arsenal slightly upfront with bigger chance in title race and Chelsea lost in someone pocket. The result?  We lose with one red card and 1 nil down, the nostalgic moment with the same outcome. Even you can see the spirit came in the last 20 minutes with Alexis came on the pitch but Arsenal can’t do nothing at the start of game even Ozil lead the squad. Why Arsenal always playing like this after 2 FA cups? Is it Arsenal still lack of title mentality?

Arsenal almost always got bad referee and bad judgement in big match. Is it true?

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Arsenal could choose Mike Dean as Arsenal worst boogeyman for every match he officiates. You could choose is it against Chelski, the shadows, or even Manchester United. The fans not favour him, and even the statistics for Arsenal not favour him. Statistically, Dean is Arsenal’s bogeyman in black. The Gunners have only won 33.3 per cent of their games that he has officiated since 2011/12. Andre Marriner as official in big match against Chelsea in 2014 also came as the worst choice for Arsenal, when Alex Oxlade Chamberlain got sent off instead Kieran Gibbs who did the foul. Bussacca as referee in UCL second leg against Barcelona to sent off RvP for kicking the ball after gotten offside also ridiculously funny judgment. Or Arsenal fans could choose Mark Clattenburg after last night Diego Costa “clever” play against Mertesacker tackle?

Whenever we play with those referee on the big match, Arsenal always on pressure tactics and got fouled several times in the first half. This is what happens when you fight in game determine which club to qualify, if it against any big team, you can name it. The terms of “clever” play out last night after Diego Costa manage to get Arsenal second red card in this season terms. What is clever play? Is it playing hard, not get justified when you fouled someone and get referee on your side with blabbering your reason? Is it clever play is an ugly play? Every single big team against Arsenal are doing it, Manchester United in the past 10 year, Barcelona with drama class, Real Madrid with Pepe as leader, and Chelsea with Diego Costa as player with no shame or you could name manager who love to play like these, Jose Mourinho.

Why Arsenal didn’t play like this? It’s working at least to beat them. Kicking opposition feet to the stand and provoking referee every single foul opposition made is quite good after all. Why Arsenal didn’t play “cleverly” than ever? Did Arsenal player couldn’t cope playing like this or even the play didn’t have any bravery at all? Or the key is on the managerial issue?

Arsene Wenger is not a fan of this play, he is love to play fine game in justice system. Whenever someone kick Arsenal player he defends them with moan the official, and if Arsenal players fouled opposition harshly, Arsene let the official to judge. Why? Why bother to play with judgement like that? Why not kick them up in the arse and get them lost from Emirates soil?

“Is the ugly way the best way? The most efficient way is to play good football and not to kick the ball into the stand, because there is no goal there, the goal is on the pitch.” Arsene Wenger.

That’s his principles to win like that, Arsene wanted to win like a man. But is the fans gonna like it? Are Arsenal fans the type whose gonna win no matter what the cost? Even become the devil? Or are Arsenal fans stay like these without any insurance that Arsenal got Justified better for their sacrifice? It’s still depends on Arsene but if Arsenal fans love the drama.. It’s up to them to change.

“Manners Maketh Men”

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.


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