Ready for the Hurdles?

Arsenal are in up and down form in late January, but Arsenal try to reprise the form after win against weak side Bournemouth at 2nd fixtures in February. The table speak for itself, Leicester City dominated the runs after shocking win against Manchester City which determine the title credential for them. Although the most furious moment for Arsenal fans right now is the moment when the One who Should not be Named got 2nd in Premier League Table after winning against Watford. Arsenal got punished after sluggish 4 games with no win in January, when Arsenal really need points and confidence to fight for the EPL title and defining moment of pride against Barcelona. I’ve been written about the condition that we will face in February-March fixtures when the schedule kicks up in the arse. And it turns out not well enough consider the Arsenal track form didn’t convincing enough with last 5 games, Arsenal just capable to gather 6 points out of 15. Was it the worst schedule for Arsenal? No. not yet. But Arsenal is in greater moments than last year, because everyone’s ready to comeback from injury with Ozil’s form is on fire and Alexis didn’t fulfill the potential for this season yet. Arsenal looks good on paper but will they find the catalyst to show they could lift up the title once more?

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Last match against Bournemouth, Eddie Howe’s side showing us that Arsenal capable to bounce back and look up once again on the EPL table. Now the next fixtures which is the most crucial and shocking fixture this year, Leicester City who is on the peak, ready to fight the pride of champion. I don’t know how Leicester manage to lead the EPL after 20 games more when last season they’re on 20th position but that’s why everyone love Premier League and Leicester also makes credit for Vardy and Mahrez who brings dream came true that low side could do like what big team couldn’t. But this season is very important for Arsenal too, the chance for winning the league is upfront when the rest like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manc. United are crumbling. Arsene also knew that this year could be his last year to lift EPL title, and there’s no way you could slip it out like Liverpool and Gerrard. Arsenal must not let mistakes came out again when everything is on the line to focus regain the form. If we didn’t capable to win in Leicester or even just get a draw, Leicester still as far as yesterday and other teams such as Manc.City and Totts could gallops Arsenal on third position. And the rest is not yet to come.

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Arsenal cope with Hull City on FA Cup draw once again, looks like regular draw for Arsenal in three years on row. Hull City is focus on strength play and when they are on fire, they could push everyone out. Looks what happen in Championship with Arsenal loanee, Chuba Akpom managed to get hattrick in his first professional career and Isaac Hayden capable to put the best form as defender. There is rumour that Arsenal didn’t want to let those Young Gunners play for Hull City when both side met, but Arsene have been told media that if he wants to, he would play loanee to play against his parent clubs. Would you want to? as loanee it would give you experience and chance to prove out, but as parent club, you’ll feel how you get stab from behind. hell.

Man. Utd and Swansea waiting Arsenal after those match, and if Arsenal could manage 3 points more from two of them Arsenal can manage these hurdles well in first step. Danny Welbeck could be back to the side and Cazorla too, which is uplift the morale of squad and Arsenal will gain stability once more since Cazorla back in middle. The next is Totts, the filthiest fans who proud their player go out to Real Madrid everytime they bring success to them. This could be a tricky match, if we struggle in previous fixtures, Arsenal could find this fight as fight for 4th place once more and if Arsenal do better before, Totts is ready to take us down when Leicester or Man.City do better outside there. It’s a must win for Arsenal as it’s close to the end of season.

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Barcelona is the next, the main problem and the most important games in February. Barcelona is like the giant who Arsenal could never get past on, the ghost of days of future past. This is big for Arsenal, because we could gain the biggest morale for the squad here, it is like the pirates who found the treasure chest in volcano islands if Arsenal could win there. The problem is Arsenal cracking mentality who i’m always been afraid of either if we win or not, the nostalgic moment could danger Arsenal’s run of form. We could see here, as a sign which Arsenal will go, failures or a different Arsenal. Two fixtures who hasn’t decided yet like FA cup and UCL are very demanding the stamina and concentration for Arsenal players, but let see how Arsene cope with these fixtures to gain the EPL title.

The last is Everton, Watford and West Ham schedule, these three guys is not at their best this season but that’s why they’ll looks like a time bomb for Arsenal. Everyone loves to beat Arsenal, even Piers Morgan would do that to ditch Wenger. And between these match, there could be another FA cup fixture that interrupt the concentration to EPL race. These title race really more shocking than two season ago, as big team mostly silent and unstable. So i believe that the chances of title race is decided after Man. Utd, Totts and Barcelona matches. Overall it also depends on Arsenal players to put consistency form and luckily out from injuries. How Alexis and Ozil contribute, The Ox and Walcott shows the price, Iwobi-Reine promisingly puts the potential and others to consistently playing on form.

Winning FA cup is like you win sprint race qualifiers several times and we do it better twice. But as EPL described as marathon, the strategy to march on with strategy how you conserve stamina without getting injured. And Arsenal is not famously known for that in the past 10 year. We do knew that we conserve better this season, let’s find out how Arsenal find it works.


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