FA Cup and UCL. Distraction Or for Competitive sake?

That night in Leicester match was so much important for Arsenal in case of title race in Premier League, arranged against Leicester City who is on peak at table, Arsenal is in pressure to win when Totts chase them up behind and demands to gain 3 points. Dat Guyz Welbeck has become the Pariah of Arsenal in last minute of the game, cheering for his comeback and the surprisingly out with winning goal is exceptional day for Welbeck, lead us to chase Leicester once again. But the race isn’t stop right there, Arsenal need to convert the margin points to profit for them before the menacing and shocking team comes up. Arsenal is on better morale when facing future schedule with Wilshere and Cazorla back on the game and counting the reform of Walcott and Sanchez.

It’s no secret for Arsenal fans that it’s always dubious and tense when it comes to single knock out competition likes of UCL and FA Cup. When it comes of FA Cup, Arsenal manage to build winner profile in terms of 2 years in row but while talking about UCL, Arsenal isn’t a favourites for a winner against big clubs. Almost 10 years after the success of UCL finalist, Arsenal isn’t playing on better side and shows no growth after that. Even Arsenal capable to reach UCL competition in 19 years and go on but Arsenal is just like another team who shadowing the luxurious event for big clubs. And the fixtures of UCL sometimes always cost Arsenal title for a lot of times. I remember that the last time Arsenal is winning the winter table but lose the grasp on the race because of injuries and morale of busy schedule. I don’t accuse Arsene Wenger on this or even players to take the responbility of a pro player, but maybe the TV schedule, the schedule itself, the competition and bad lucks always following Arsenal who didn’t ready yet for that.

Next games is FA Cup schedule with Hull City who become the Barcelona of Arsenal’s FA cup draw. Hull City is a challenging team and acknowledge the suprising tactics and speed of counter attack of lowside which always shocking big clubs. But the UCL is on once again, and every big clubs who participated on that luxurious event is on focus for the enemy no exception for Arsenal. We already talking Barca that, Messi this and Suarez will bla bla, but Hull City fixtures is on effect too, if Arsenal failed to win after Leicester when it comes against Barcelona, Arsenal will lose the chance to defends the FA Cup or if i’m talking about Arsenal Pendulum theory, when it comes Arsenal is on bad luck, they could be winning against another rival in next fixtures. Which side is better? sacrifice? the Pendulum theory? or Arsenal capable to winning on both side?

Hull City is on weaker competition for sure, and Arsenal could take another breathe with playing Elneny and Walcott on the game, with Welbeck and Campbell gain the form once again. With this, Sanchez, Ozil and Giroud probably could focus on how to winning against Barcelona, Arsene could playing the mind trick here and managing the depth of the squad. UCL probably is more tastier for Sanchez and Ozil, because those player leave the clubs who already winning UCL several times. FA Cup could be a distraction for them when Arsenal could be lose, but for a fans, all of it was matter. Which side do you want to fight on, sacrifice for? For a big player, individual honours and UCL side could be more important than locals but Arsene is the right guy to reminds them, he capable for doing it. Arsene is the type of the guy who reminds everyone to choose team and hearing what fans wanted from them. I knew Arsene is still in doubt to win EPL once again, FA Cup who he wants to add, and UCL, the dream of every manager and players in the world. Arsene still hungry, and that sign is good for fans. But Is Arsenal capable to win all that in this state?


Arsenal’s French manager Arsene Wenger holds both the League and the FA Cup trophies at a victory parade in London May 17. SR/SB Reuters / Picture supplied by Action Images

As a fans, we wanted to win everything, we support Arsenal till the death upon us, the title means everything, pride of club is on stake when it comes to boasting in an argument on the stands. We hope for the best this season, i knew that a sin that God didn’t wanted us to admit. Greedy. I don’t mind if i am Greedy for win. for the title. EPL, UCL and FA Cup. I am a Greedy fans, i wanted to world knew that we could achieve that everyone told we cannot. I think it’s not bad for Arsenal to be Greedy. Arsene could do that, we are different this season and we are on the right track again. Arsenal must be greedy. If the price of tickets for the fans means nothing for Arsenal then why not the title?

42treble winner Anzalariveris

Let’s become greedy people!

Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.


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