AFC vs Hull City reloaded and story of selfie stick

FA Cup does exciting for Arsenal in this past year, and even Arsenal is in the middle of EPL title race, there is no sign of unbalanced force from Arsenal to face Hull City. They’ll face Barcelona in next fixtures which gives pressure for them and probably give a big distraction, but Arsene knew that FA Cup is much matter for him as FA cup is the one who related with him closest than ever.

Arsene has told media that Elneny will play in that match and give rotation for all player that playing for a whole week in last match against Leicester. As you see the line up by the Arsenal,


Mertesacker  is back when Gabriel still in doubt and Chambers will take the duty of right back position. But Arsene grant Flamini back in middle to provide stability for midfield when Elneny play as roaming midfielder to produce counter attack and offer long shot to increase percentage of scoring. Iwobi acknowledged by Arsene to put the responsibility as creative midfielder and Welbeck surprisingly came out and put Theo on the side.

The game starts with applause of commemorating Arsene’s 100 FA cup matches and Arsenal attack immediately very effective since the first minute. The partnership Theo and Welbeck is very fluid and shacking the defense of Hull City. To choose Iwobi as advanced playmaker in middle is enlightenment from Arsene if we put Ozil out. David Ospina is very keen to put his name back on sheet before Woj or even Martinez back, he tried so hard keeping no mistakes. Arsenal is very close on lead several times but Jakupovic is very determined to keep the goals out from his post. Iwobi, Welbeck and Theo are close at the moment but nothing happens.

When the second start, Arsenal still lack of finishing even Giroud and Sanchez coming in to replace Welbeck and Theo. The situation worsened with lack of delivery ball from Flamini to Iwobi. Flamini is very competitive and defensive but he is no a creative midfielder. Elneny wanted to put some creativity but he is still lack of matches and chemistry. Campbell playing superbly and very close with the Free kick but Jakupovic denied it. Jakupovic had a very great performance that night and good luck to denied 8 more shots on target from Arsenal. Unbelievable.

There’s no goals that night and Arsenal looks frustrated with the tie as the schedule is more tight right now. There’s no one to blame with, and the result to not lose is better. Arsenal are playing without Ozil and that’s it, plus count it with no Cazorla or Wilshere even Ramsey. So it’s basically logical. We could’ve win, but it’s just purely luck that happens on Hull side and we believe Arsenal managed to finish that. Move on. Now we could move to the next fixture who has been awaited as showdown and since the draws, always gives pressure for Arsenal.

Barcelona. The mocking team who becomes the one who winning everything with Messiah in their side. A full of drama players and yet talented, always in Por favour by referees, and luck always on their side. I’m actually hate them sometimes and one day in awe with them. I am a normal person as you can acknowledge it. But here’s a thing everyone thought of, Arsenal is written off against Barcelona. They said that trio MSN even better than Ronaldinho or Henry on their side, the records speak but they’re not fighting the same opponents and not even in the same generation. Arsenal also in different mental and physical than they’re 3-5 years ago, and here’s a thing that Catalonia fans could be left off. They didn’t know what will happen, who’s already stalk them.

Sanchez and Ozil are looking at this match, Arsenal had Petr Cech who is a big gamer, and a whole squad is already recovering. Barcelona fans will thought Sanchez is not good enough for Barcelona and Ozil is past his time at Arsenal. Wrong, they are on the prime time, and Arsenal is a fresh breathe on their career. Count on Joel Campbell, Theo, Bellerin who’s gonna prove himself oncemore. You will see unstoppable force in Arsenal, and prepare for the game which fans who already mocked. See what happens on Munich when they are mocking Arsenal. We will win this time and going through, I’m sure. And everytime I see the time-line, I could see everything bromance Barcelona MSN put on. The greatest ever? wait. If you are in rage to beat the selfie stick Barcelona use, then use Arsenal baton. . .

images (1)

Here’s the baton you’ll find in for breaking Barcelona selfie stick in next game, Newmarket,Messianic and Teeth.



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