This is a lot of deja vu, Monsieur Wenger.

Do you think it’s okay to just had one rough month for Arsenal in a season? No. You need two for Arsenal when it comes running for the title. I have been looking for this part of schedule and expect something different from Arsenal. But it’s not worthy to wait as we can’t scoring on Southampton, Hull City and Barcelona. Three of them, Arsenal had more chances to score than the opponents, but denied by poor finishing and fine goalkeeping. Even we had won two of fixtures against Bournemouth and Leicester but it was to bail the debt on January loss points. Put in order to maximize your scarification, Barcelona loss and Manchester United at Old Trafford with young boys playing against Arsenal first team. Do you think you need more? Well. Spurs and Leicester manage to win and put big margin between them, when Arsenal from the title credentials position, back to Champions League Qualifications once more. This is one of the worst Arsenal season in Fans memory as Arsenal couldn’t play the card to maximize the chance when big clubs tore down.

I’ve been written beforehand in my article about how important this schedule in Ready for the Hurdles? as you might remember about how Arsenal reactions when clashing against big team is always in doubt. All the main problem which conduct and determine Arsenal season, I wrote at The Ghosts who haunted Arsenal. One of it was always the question for Arsene in the past decade after the last Arsenal EPL title, it was mentality. Mentality sometimes become big deal for Arsenal, the lack of leadership is a true menace for Arsenal profile. Arsene denied this issue several years but yet it founds on the field like what happened in Manchester United match, when Arsenal lose Per, Koscielny and Gabriel are playing without coordination. You need a captain who you could relied to, and have attributes to command people. The best Arsenal could have are Ozil and Alexis, but they are still “young” in Arsenal dress room. When Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere are the one who could’ve pull the trigger, they are out of form. And when they loose the brakes, they try to move somewhere else. What’s this club?  Stepping stone? This kind of things really become parasites for future conduct of Arsenal profile.

In my article about what’s the problem in Arsenal EPL drought title, I ruled out Arsene on that issue. Everyone in Twitter already put Arsene as scapegoat and the best part Arsenal fans could hope was parting away with Arsene. Is it true?  Arsene is the main problem?

“In my age, you must be afraid when it comes to change. It was not comfortable” Arsene Wenger, 2016.

He told like this when asked about his approach on the game. When he choose not to retain possession but getting counter attack to sacrifice his beautiful game to winning at all cost. But he is trying to become the same person since he stepping his foot at Woolwich. Is old fashioned way has gone way past the success? As reminder, Arsene is the one who modernized English Football, how could it be old fashioned already? Is 2003 already that far for us? What I know, Arsenal still lagged with the same problems. Injuries, referees, consistency and leadership are always getting into Arsenal season. The records is not good actually for Arsenal, in second half we’ve been told that we’re on better form but actually we weren’t. January-Feb-March, this three months are the title decider, and Arsenal is always take the cost in here against big teams. Arsenal is never learn, that’s the focal point. Arsenal are changing but not that fast, and it took the time and it costs fans. This is like watching Arsenal growing up on slow-motion and if you missing something, Arsenal always looked up the replay or rewind the cycle. The fans are watching Arsenal exactly like Arsenal in 10 years ago in Premier League. It’s all the same, we are favorites but yet we lose. What’s the point?

As @7amkickoff predicted about how much Arsenal could gain maximum points in logical way, the best we could get is 75 points when Leicester and Spurs could manage to get 77-78. It’s the best we could get with gaining points against Spurs, Everton and remember how tight schedule with FA and UCL. What I know every years Arsenal always resemble what actually cost them every season. Makes the fans watching them over and over again, pay the tickets with higher price once more. Is Arsenal got Alzheimer to win the Premier League? And how much it cost us time to gain the Champions League trophy? You know, spending a little bit money isn’t that bad. Chelsea got themselves the big Ear, why we can’t?

Why deja vu?

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