AFC vs Hull City, the glimpse of hope for Wenger.

I’ve been looking and watching Arsenal fans on Twitter and YouTube for a several days since Arsenal poor runs hits on busy schedule. Since what happened in Leicester night, Arsenal looks buoyed by the win and forget what they’re come with every single match they play for. I mean look at the passion of the fans, they’re ready to support Arsenal in every game and singing the player’s name at Emirates. And it looks uneasy to admit that the fans lose the chance to taste the EPL title after a period of silence years. And then comes the main question for every single year that banging Arsenal fans eardrum, who’s put the blame?

Everyone could come out with every single idea, it could be the wrong tactical options, the missing hit transfer, the lack of leadership, the board, or you could name the name whose made Arsenal fans cracked in half, Arsene Wenger. The Darth Vader amongst all. He is the one who comes out at the end of your argument within your friends or rivals. Arsene Wenger doesn’t good, he doesn’t have the touch anymore and etc. I put out the best article I could read, to get rid Arsene as soon as possible, it came from Le-grove. He puts out 4 major things that makes us think that it’s time to push the board and Wenger out. On that list, the board and Wenger stands on money than a glory,the quality of judgment from Wenger, Arsene never hears out the fans, and the least that this Arsenal breakdown just a tip from an iceberg. I can come out with a counter opinions and pro opinions from that, puts out a little argue out of blue. But Arsenal fans need a quick answer now, cause I know Arsenal still in the middle of fight. I will not turn Arsenal to had a small mentality club to change the manager in middle of fight. Arsenal is a club of honour, and that’s makes us difference from another. I wouldn’t put Mourinho mentality in this mind when I support the club. Arsene Wenger, I don’t hate him nor I do love him, I respect him whatever he does. He makes us preserve something to build the stadium, a world class stadium. You can’t build things with glory sometimes, that’s economic works and Arsenal is already sacrificed for that but it’s logical. Arsenal isn’t a Barcelona-Catalan vs Real Madrid-Spain who can spent every single money from civilian tax out of nowhere. This is the old club who survived through the years, put the mind that how to survive the big game need a “sacrifice”. Even Manchester United admitted they’re a company. And I remember the last argument between Arsenal and fans, is about ticket price. Put the respect for Arsenal fans community to put communication between fans and club, but thanks for Arsenal to hearing the fans too. This mutual relationship is needed to create harmony in the future football business which is growing bigger and bigger.

Arsene in losing his touch? The young player that Arsene build through U-21 or not, still not reprise the vision of him yet. The worst probably is in Walcott this season, in his bad recent form, he’s on critic from fans and pundits. Arsene has choose is Walcott ready or not to take the game as central striker or not. Arsene admitted yes, but still in favor for Giroud for his full team. Why? But when he putting Walcott in winger back again and didn’t come out well which makes me think, because that position is Walcott’s specialty in 10 years. Arsene tactical judgement probably the main problem for him in recent years. Football is changing, and even Barcelona tactical could beaten after all. What’s makes the tactical success isn’t the tactical itself but the connection between player and the tactics.

Arsene admitted that in his age, it was hard to change as he’s afraid that it doesn’t work at all. Put in mind why Jupp and Sir Alex success but Van Gaal doesn’t? Is it the old touch become problem to that, particularly? The content is, Wenger is in charge at all and he had the power to choose player who fits best on his tactical judgement. The weakest link from Wenger is his faith on player. You can’t shake his faith on the player his belief on. Even a fans. But fans didn’t care what it means to players. So there’s no connection at all. If the club sees you as market, fans seeing the club as company, what do you thinks player and fans seeing each other?

I believe Arsene will parting with Arsenal one day, in respective way ever, as he is wanted to retire from football after that. He is a passionate football fans, but Arsene is a fans of Arsenal too. Never forget that, and when Arsenal lose, I’ll try not forget about that. I believe that Arsene still get the grasp on reality to never give up on the race. He believes in the player, and the job of player to repay the faith.


After the Spurs game, I still believe it’s not enough for Arsenal to challenge the title. And Arsene too need repay the faith of the fans. In 2013, Arsene is that close to get sacked, and it was against Hull City. Today he is in the edge on that position once again, and with the same opponents. Hull City undoubtedly become one of Arsene’s memorable fight on his last years of career. And this fight will determine his passion to get a leap for his vision. He always wanted to fight back, I believe. He doesn’t built the stadium and ideology just for getting nowhere. He will come to Arsenal in questions and leave one day unquestionable.

The match that remarks his touch, could be today. The winning of Hull City to boost the mentality on the rest of season.


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