Arsenal vs Watford: the result of grown-up Arsenal.

The great results Arsenal gained after two tireless game with Hull City and revival of Arsenal goals shows how Arsenal trying to make up for the bad months. Arsenal players really do bring something to the game when Ozil not on the field. Alex Iwobi filling the place with manage to get an assist. But the rest of forms doesn’t come from the Arsene recent prematch talk, but it comes since Arsenal players talk before Spurs match. Theo Walcott has told media about Arsenal meeting backroom talk between players only. And it could be a sign of cracking of belief for Arsene managerial, but actually it wasn’t. Walcott and Co. knew they are 100% behind the coach because of the faith they had to repay. The talk is so much important for the team and Walcott said it created the togetherness and questions the reason to win the title.

It’s make Arsenal thinking back to basics, but it helps since Arsenal always had the same problem in many technical area. The talking is started with experienced players, such as Mertesacker and Arteta, Rosicky, Cech etc. But Walcott given the stories to us for being heard out means he took responsibility in the talk. He wants to show how mature the Arsenal squad are, and Arsene respect all his player to grow up. Arsene always told us about how togetherness in the squad is better than before, and the chemistry is leaked out to media.

It’s been a long day since there’s story about how Arsenal players manage to keep themselves. Well, there’s a focal player like Adams, Vieira, Henry and Gilberto to hold the squad but the rest captaincy sometimes shy to lift the squad. In Gallas, RvP, Fabregas, Vermaelen, in respective purpose they’re a great individual leader but sometimes the chemistry in the squad affected their leadership. Now the balance of experience and young player is in middle and equilibrium,  and count player like Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott and Gibbs who matured enough in Arsenal so they could push everyone thought the hard situation. Bad thing is Arsenal slowly heating the engine, so the position in the league with the responsive from the squad quite not match. But it’s better than ever before it’s too late. It could be a great story.

images (6).jpg

Now Arsenal tonight got a fight against Watford in FA cup again after West Brom match got postponed. Ighalo and Troy Deeney are very dangerous for Arsenal as they pose threats when they winning against Newcastle, Leeds and Nottingham Forest in FA Cup. In the league they’re winning against Liverpool and got tie with Chelsea twice, and the rest being inconsistent against big team and another equals. We managed to win against them 3-0 in Premier League but FA cup is something else. The magic of FA cup as we used to say it, offering us a call to focus more than before. I hope the talks before Spurs match still affected the squad throughout the season.

Ozil will back to the squad after being rested at Hull City, Alexis could play and Campbell could once again filling the place. Elneny-Ozil-Ramsey  in middle would be enough for the game with Alexis-Giroud-Campbell leading the attack. The back four could be fill with Mertesacker and Chambers with Bellerin and Gibbs once again on full back. Welbeck and Walcott could be benched as Wenger being careful with Welbeck injuries now.


Arsenal could gain the most from the match, as Arsenal would fight Barcelona this week. This is so much important to prove that mature talk doesn’t a mere talk. Arsenal need to improve their inconsistencies and even it was a little bit late, but winning against Watford and qualify through quarter by beating Barcelona could hold fans rage at the moment.


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