Wenger Out: what could possibly go wrong?

So Arsenal got knocked out FA Cup competition after beaten down by Watford after sluggish performance at their own soil. It makes thing going worse than before after UEFA Champions League chance getiing little and Premier League title is just geting far far away in Arsene’s hand after Spurs get on 3 points over Aston Villa. The focus talk in this article have been an issue all around Arsenal’s fans and pundits, even Arsenal’s legend make a talk about this issue. Arsene Wenger is a respective man i’ve ever know, he rarely join the fight on technical area and spark the fights between each other.

But after 50% of his reign sound so void, he came up to winning two FA Cup to get revival once more, and ridiculously he back to giving Arsenal fans a sign of  a void season this year. Arsenal bought three world class player in three occasion but failed to cope strong season this year. January, Arsenal form is in struggle, February, after Southampton, Arsenal poor finishing lead the bad forms, and now March, after Leicester win there is no sign of life form from Arsenal.

It looks like the movements of kicking Arsene out of Arsenal getting louder and louder, thanks Arsene for the Memories banner inside of stadium is almost everywhere, the fans get cracked into two basis. Sadly, the one who bring revolutionary to Arsenal is like a thorn inside the body. How if he’s out? the one who choose to build bigger stadium and improving training facilities to a world class level. Are Arsenal be ready for leaving the name? I’ve been reading an article from one of Arsenal blogger before in meantime, (sorry for not mention it here, i’ve lost my history) and he main listed an issue that Arsenal is doing fine between managerial transition, from George Graham era to Bruce Rioch and Arsene Who? George Graham bring gift to 90’s era, a list of best defender in the league, Rioch give Arsenal Dennis Bergkamp and Arsene gives us what we are today. But enough is enough for Arsenal fans, they are waiting for more than 10 years for EPL and not get any. Are Arsenal gonna sack Wenger this year? is there any consequences?

He is the most loyal manager around the big clubs and only Arsenal had this kind of manager, he always got lured by Real Madrid and PSG but he prefer Arsenal. Everyone accuse that Arsene still got the job after 10 years no title is because he always makes profit. Logically, it’s true because Arsene was a master in Economy and it was his specialty. He hate the football trends that gives player big price but not in his quality which it started from Chelsea, Abrahamovic era. Raheem is no Cristiano Ronaldo but he got 50 million pounds on his name only, which is funny because he is no regulary scoring for three season and no Champions League in his CV. Arsene have a seer vision on buying player, but fans disagree that even Arsenal have all the money in the world, Arsene won’t spent it. I won’t judge anyone, like the wise talk, if it works then it’s okay but if it wasn’t we could change. But if Arsene left, Arsenal doesn’t have someone who think rational for buying and saving money for something. Arsenal could be a club who spent the wrong money for a wrong guy.

In tactical judgement, Arsene is a manager who gives young player to mature under his managerial, he loves it. Arsene also the manager who will give you chance if the world hate you. And now if he left, Arsenal will lose a manager who loves to see the U-21 and U-18 playing by himself not by a report. And Arsene’s name himself is world class player attraction since he is the one who had stability jobs and famously for a young talent. But sometimes this thing will turnback on him, like what happen with a lot of Arsenal young talent who didn’t delivers on the field. But it’s a job full of responbility and pressure so Arsene knew this issue would come.

“Judge me at the end of season” Arsene says.

Actually he already told media about his retiring vision, he knew he won’t live that long for the job and if he quits Arsenal then he quit football. A loyal Arsenal fans. His vision was to left the era which Arsenal will getting better than his days and it would helping the next manager to win the highest competition. Is Arsenal squad that close to his vision? I don’t think so, and could he achieved that? even Sir Alex couldn’t do that, Manchester United broken in every part, did the fans true to sack Moyes? or will Arsenal can become like Chelsea who buying Manager more than buying the players? or will go through like Liverpool, lost the pathway to glory?


Is it the time to say goodbye?

Will Arsene go with him got sacked not with finishing his last contract? I don’t know, the part of us maybe still believing but can’t get enough to wait anymore. No more year without trophies. If he goes, will the players still the same? or if the other manager didn’t work, will we moaning again? Are we ready?

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Batman.

That’s what happen to Arsene, but it could be us, the fans too. choose your perspective.


2 thoughts on “Wenger Out: what could possibly go wrong?

  1. Wenger is the greatest manager Arsenal have had. I don’t know anyone who does not complain about the wages footballers get which is another area he has tried to control. I remember supporting Arsenal all through the seventies and eighties where we struggled to win anything after the 71/72 season. It makes no difference to me I am and an Arsenal support win or lose. Wenger’s loyalty is something we as fans should be proud of and back him.

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    • Agreed. What a lovely fans you are. That’s the point, he is also one of ourselves. If we want to put him down, at least we could do it in respective way. That’s the differences of Arsenal’s fans than other fans. Hope we don’t have crying babies mentality.

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