Arsenal vs Everton, Arsenal last chance.

The result is out, Arsenal can’t do anything much against mighty Barcelona, with Trio MSN really haunted Arsenal for both meeting in 1st and 2nd leg. What interestingly is Barcelona never look Arsenal as worthy opponents since day one as Daniel Alves told media that his teammates was happy to hear that Barcelona got Arsenal in draws. Sadly, Arsenal can’t deliver the upset, and the outing just adds Arsenal bad result from 8 last matches.

Looking the tight chance for winning any title sure gives so much depression for the fans. Arsenal poor finishing really quite damaging the chance to win, and its ancestry has been found since Southampton match in January and loss of Alexis because of injury in December. First, looks like losing one of prolific player in the squad when in the middle of fight really affected Arsenal title chance. Losing Arsenal last season top goalscorer would affect some of Arsenal’s player morale.

Arsenal Squawka

Arsenal’s last 8 matches stats in EPL. By Squawka.

That’s Arsenal last 8 matches stats performance from Squawka, with so much things are in red line. Talking about chance created and converting it to goals, Arsenal is very poor. So it’s logical to see Ozil looks mad in every game right now. And Arsenal’s accuracy shots, well Arsenal could blame Ramsey and Oxlade for that, but it also shows how bad actually Giroud and Walcott when it comes to their job for making goals. Poor defending could be something to put on the list and lack of commanding in defensive area are some problem even Steve Bould couldn’t do much about. Losing Petr Cech also affect Arsenal too, and Ospina just had a rough second season in England.

Now Arsenal preparing against Everton, and the players looks like raring to go. Ozil listed how Arsenal playing better in the last fixtures of season and now the player just wanted to bounce back. Walcott talking about the meeting and funny how it convinced fans when they are winning against Hull but lost against Watford and Barcelona. It seems Illuminati talks doesn’t do much work for Arsenal.

Mirallas and Gareth Barry are suspended but Lukaku and Lennon always haunted from behind. Even Everton hadn’t seen so much threatening this season but last match against Chelsea they are really looking so scary. And Lukaku is the one that Arsenal couldn’t outlook in match tactics, as he’s the one who topped the charts of Everton top goalscorer and one of best goalscorer in EPL, even better than Giroud. Cleverly and Deulofeu are very creative and Ross Barkley is a better Chamberlain for Everton. This is the thing that Arsenal could very very wary about.

Giroud could be back on the team sheet with Campbell on the wing, and Mertesacker could filling the place once again. I think there’s not so much difference from Arsenal line up at Camp Nou but Welbeck could be in bench with Walcott.


It could be very tempting to fill Iwobi and Welbeck on the field but Campbell deserve something in Everton match. Koscielny would be back even he costed Arsenal 2 goals in Barcelona match. What Arsenal could wary is Coquelin aggressiveness is being overlooked by referees, so yellow card could become yellow pages in for him. Elneny is excellent, Ozil looks frustrated to win, Alexis is still looking some form and Giroud probably do some justice for Arsenal. Finger crossed.

If Arsenal fans feeling so bad, that’s okay, just believe to Arsene. He is the one who put in charge and if he’s not deliver, than he probably more noble than you think. He could stepping down,  or even say goodbye in beautiful ways. What you must wary now are Tottenham is on form and Leicester doesn’t look like stop in middle. I think that’s a slight chance for Arsenal but Everton match is a must win for Arsenal. And that’s what Arsenal could do right now, just win until the end and hope the other guys dropped.


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