Arsenal Youth, is it too fast prosper, too fast rotten?

Arsenal is one of the famous big club around the world whom developed young player and promote them to competitive football world. The young players always wanted come to Arsenal for developing themselves and make their presence known. Arsenal example of academy products, Tony Adams, leader and tenacious defender is one of exceptional talent which built throughout Arsenal Academy. Tony Adams represent what is Arsenal quality and symbols in football world.

In today’s world, young player is on spot in every occasion and big match. Player such as Sterling and Oxlade-Chamberlain are one of them. They’re very talented and giving signs for British next generation to fill into national team. But young players also being an overlooked issue when it comes to transfer talk, the value and future prospects becomes very much like more to a business than a glory. Arsenal Academy looks have been solved this problem, with buying more young player into academy than inject them into the first team squad.

Players such like Cesc Fabregas is very example for Arsenal Academy strategy to build future and keep the bank shut for keeping me balance right. Since then, Arsenal never stopped working on that methods and try to do it on younger age. But problem sometimes come with player such as Theo Walcott who has been written as child prodigy for Arsenal future and keeping him in the squad become Arsenal most top priority in the past 10 years. But 10 years after that, the question still remains, did Walcott already fulfill what have been written on him?  Is he the shadows of his true potential? He’s still at Arsenal and the contract not run out yet, but if he’s not deliver what he’s been worth, then probably it’s being not a good business for years.

Arsene is trusting his young player more than any manager in England before. Only two manager who did the same in that time for that matter and being able acquire the potential from the young ones. Jack Wilshere is one of examples of Arsene’s method and Academy work for past 20 years. But since the night against Barcelona, he’s not the same boy he has. And the bad behavior prior to sports health care, make the relationship between him and the fans deteriorate fast. He didn’t deliver like he had to, and his contributions is very much silence for Arsenal this season.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is another example for these, he’s not from the Academy but Arsene judgement on the youth prospects spot on. The Ox just not disappointed the fans, but also he’s not lift up the potential from his chances. Henri Lansbury, Nicklas Bendtner and another promotion player also didn’t deliver when they have to. Player who’s already promoted but had a bad season like Jenkinson and Gnabry could take another chance but it’s up to the to bring upset to this article. Now there’re Alex Iwobi and Jeff Reine-Adelaide who will bring something upfront, with Iwobi already marks his debut for Arsenal with a good performance. Player who’s gonna play in Arsenal future such as Ben Sheaf, Gedion Zelalem, Crowley, Willock, Bielik, Kamara still debatable for getting regularly into first team.

For me, seeing the young ones prosper into the game and fulfill the investment from the club are very exciting and bring joy. But after the hype, sometimes keeping the same class and form probably too hard for young player since there’s no League and experience under age that so much demanding like Premier League. It seems they’re not ready for the fight, with the form not quite consistence and not deliver when the time matters. But why? The problem with the young these days probably comes to bad behavior and technology development outside of football world. These pressure and environment really affected how the young prosper, and it just one of crucial factor. But the managerial is the key for keeping and develop player to the next step.

Managerial key from Arsene for not buying experienced players and prefer to playing younger one probably backfire a little bit. The case like Wojciech and Kieran Gibbs after being left by unreliable Almunia and the rest like Clichy demands young player deliver quickly. It make the standards very high, so when the young ones aren’t deliver and too much relied on them, the critics went high and it built pressure around them.

Conclusion, is it Arsene failure to bring youth player like Oxlade-Chamberlain to prosper in new age and environment or the player itself who can’t keep his own potential. What I could outline is Coquelin, he put something that even he is being almost rejected, he finds that he just wanted to fight and it works. Nowadays probably that’s what lost. The spirit for keeping your feet on the ground, remember to keep low. It’s a process for being mature.


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