Which Future Arsenal depends on: Rank the Goalkeeper

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Arsenal is playing very well for West Ham clash in the first half but it can’t cope the pressure of West Ham to retaliate some points to take at Boleyn Ground. They got the tie result, but they can’t manage to get any three points when in position to challenge the title was frustrating. What’s the main point from West Ham’s Andy Carroll hattrick to tie Arsenal first two lead goals? I will focus on Arsenal Goalkeeper who’s put a fight with West Ham hattrick hero, David Ospina. Why? You could say Arsenal defense was bad but if you read my article on ARSENAL VS WEST HAM, HEAD TO HEAD PLAYERS TO WATCH, you could outline David Ospina weakness against air ball. David Ospina is a world class goalkeeper, but I think there’s something in his mind who distracted his focus on his performance. One of it probably the rivalry inside Arsenal first team mates or his inability to keep the focus in his head.

Arsenal right now got experienced goalkeeper on their side and privilege to choose which goalkeeper to put between the post. The list also didn’t sound so bad, Petr Cech, the EPL most clean sheet record, David Ospina from World Cup sensation,  Wojciech Szczesny as Poland 1st Choice, Damian Martinez and Matt Macey, the Academy successors. Which goalkeeper who will put his name on Arsenal future, let’s look and assess by the performance this year.

1. Petr Cech

No.1 choice in Arsene’s mind, giving stability and more defensive stature for Arsenal back line. More than a fine goalkeeper, a legend of his own kind, come to Arsenal for winning more. This season, his worth than more his transfer price was proven and he can come back before the season ends, what a player he is. Petr Cech is the most influential player in defensive and morale this year as looking his background experience.

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He has strong reflexes, aerial and can cover up his whole area. He is perfect for Arsenal as they need someone who can balance the lost jigsaw in defensive situation. This is his first season, total 28 appearances, 12 clean sheets, 2.39 saves per game with one broken record, that was very impressive for a 33 years old goalkeeper. He is a very fine goalkeeper, but Arsenal defense makes him an average one. Sometimes I could see Petr Cech lose his motivation when Arsenal playing bad game, because sometimes they’re letting him down. For me, he still will be no. 1 pick, but his age not going forever. He is a Buffon of Premier League and he could touch one final in highest competition before he got 40. But it’s all depends on his injury and Szczesny improved game, he could stand great next season but two years from here is a little doubt.

2. David Ospina

Last season he put brilliant performance to prove his transfer from Nice was a good decision. With 18 appearances, 8 clean sheets, 0.46 per goals conceded, he was very convincing to put Wojciech aside. But this season, Ospina didn’t compelling his influence very well. Petr Cech probably is the main reason behind this, Ospina got 4 appearances and 2 clean sheet in Premier League and it’s only if Cech is being rested or got injured. In Champions League, he is rated below average by Arsenal fans, 3 appearances, 2.67 per goals conceded and all of them lost.

Ospina anzalariveris

Actually Ospina isn’t a bad goalkeeper, he is Colombian first choice for World Cup and last World Cup he was the fewest conceded goalkeeper in the tournament. But his weakness were his aerial ability and his body built was not strong enough. So if Arsenal are playing against taller striker or tenacious player such as Lukaku or Ibra, Ospina probably good as dead. If he’s not improving his aerial and body contact next season, Sczeczny or Cech could claim second and first option and Ospina probably got loaned.

3. Wojciech Szczesny (Roma)

He is my favorite goalkeeper since 2010-generation while Arsenal got stuck on Almunia or Fabianski. He is saving Arsenal a lot of points and his potential already put his name on the number of no.1 shirt. He is an Arsenal academy player who gives hope when there’s no one could expect. One season he even got his chance to win the best goalkeeper against Petr Cech, but in the end they won it together. But last season, Szczesny only appear on 17 apps and only got 3 clean sheet, 1.24 per games conceded. As Arsene put every young player to getting low as possible, Szczesny got struck by bad behaviour and the result he is kicked out almost the rest of season.


Now got loaned in Roma, Italian club who suits with his game. He is playing superbly like he want to prove Arsene wrong to loans him out. He played all 28 apps, with 6 total clean sheets and got 0.93 per goals conceded which is great to make Roma permanent his contract. He told media that if “Arsenal win the league, he feels so stupid”, and it signs the breeze to break out from Arsenal is high for him. But Arsene see the Arsenal future on him, but Szczesny already told both of clubs that if they wanted him to stay he wanted to play regularly and Champions League place is interesting offer. For me, I don’t want Szczesny waste his talent out there and hope his bad behaviour is stopped right here. He already in par with Cech here, he can prove he is better than anyone in Arsenal. He is my bet to breakthrough next season and put his no.1 shirt not in waste way.

4. Damian Martinez (Wolves, Loan)

He is tall, already tested in Championship sides and proven for being a great back up cover for 1st and 2nd choice. In Arsenal he is already rated highly with his calmness and great reflexes. Got 8 appearances and 3 clean sheets for all Arsenal matches and right now enjoyed himself playing with Wolverhampton. He is not so close with Petr Cech when talking about skills, but he could be an explosive player when the right time comes. Damian Martinez stats with Wolverhampton isn’t bad, 13 appearances with 4 clean sheets and he got the highest saves per game with 4.00 per game saves.

I like Damian Martinez to play with Arsenal, he is great but probably not that good to keep all season on his hands. Sadly he also in 4th choice in Arsene’s mind. And with all experienced goalkeeper in front of him it would be hard to survive the hunger games. He is already 23, and he could be our next Benik Afobe, playing on championship sides and gotten better. Probably that’s what I’ve in my mind about him, sadly seeing him go but if Szczesny going to Roma, Damian could take another year here.

5. Matt Macey

Not so much about this guy, rarely seeing him play live in U21 but excited about his physical condition and potential. He is taller than Cech, 198 cm and it was unbelievable good thing. One of British talent and now 3rd choice by chance, sadly Arsenal already got out from all second tier cups, so there is no chance for him to shine if not emergency situation. He is 21 years old, but he could still get his debut next season if Ospina got loaned and Szczesny left. He is playing superbly in FA Youth Cup and UCL Youth side but it is time for improving his game and got experience on his hands. It would be a benefit for Arsenal situation.


It shows Arsenal more competitive in every position, and goalkeeper side gives good sign for future. I know Petr Cech is the best of all, but Arsenal must not giving mercy for 1st Choice goalkeeper, or even the second. I love seeing breakthrough and improvement for each of them not any inconsistencies. I think it’s done to see any inconsistent situation, and we like to see a benefit of competitive in goalkeeper side. And Arsenal could be the brightest of them all.


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