The New Breeze for Arsenal

Young-anzalariverisHello. I just came back after a bit busy writing for another section of sports. And i missed Arsenal so much. Now back to my schedule. The season starts to kick in, and another team had their own pace for building momentum. Arsenal is in difference step, even it is in Wenger’s transition, it doesn’t affect players growth and mentality by far. I am sweating like hell when Conte, Pep Guardiola and another “hard” manager came into this bloody-ground, adding another experiences into the squad and don’t forget about how many international star players came into the league like beehive. I believe, the sale of Pie and our frickin’ tea would get some boost this year.

Back to the roundtable, Arsenal is showing the greatness in opening season, 9 games in Premier League with 2 draws and 1 loss. It’s the usual record for Arsenal, they even do better in few years before. In Champions League, Arsenal is shows no difference stats, 2 wins and 1 draw, with PSG lurking behind. “Every season is different, what makes this season so special?”, yeah i thought you’ll say so. I don’t know why, but the vibes from the squad shows so much differences than last years. The bigger impact of course, when Arsene signing Xhaka quickly, the loss of Arteta and Rosicky would change the equilibrium of the team.

Hasil gambar untuk Xhaka and Perez

But the main problem from past years isn’t the engine, but the lack of finishing touch as Thierry Henry always say. Alexis Sanchez can’t do it alone, Ozil are the main supplier, Giroud is clinical, and strategist striker but we can’t put the burden on him alone. Joel Campbell is there, technically good but admit it if he isn’t a starter class yet. Walcott is mentally off and the rest of young players don’t show some sign to broke the chains. Told me if i’m wrong, we can do it when Leicester winning the league, but why we can’t? Mentally off, injuries and some of Arsenal god damn curse you can name it.

This season, Arsenal give me show some lights, even I’m a bit pessimistic with this squad. But Arsenal proves me wrong, the signing of Lucas Perez gives Arsenal more dynamic touch. Rob Holding is a classic Arsene’s signing but again he had given some British colours to the game. And the last, addicted to Germany vibe in BFG, Shkodran Mustafi is another relay from him, ready to take the place. Those three? They are already giving such a chill vibe to the game, and show some competition in the squad. Rob is still young, but Shkodran and Perez is on another level, they have been tested against Barcelona and Real Madrid every year twice.

Hasil gambar untuk arsenal reading 2-0

But it doesn’t stop right there, the awakening of Theodore Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are noted. Alex is adding goals into his game, Walcott had potentials to came back when his prime age is coming. Now both of them showing some skills that Arsene have been waited for. Counting Iwobi in, now Arsene had the squad of his retirement era to gain his chance to grasp the title once more. The key factor for this season are the fitness of Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis, if they are not in the squad for a long time. Prepare for the worst. Now the material is there, hope the breeze doesn’t come and go just right away. We don’t care, this is your last chance Arsene, gives us the chills once more.


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