Arsenal vs West Ham, Head to Head Players to watch

It’s fun for coming back to Arsenal match after waiting a little bit longer since Watford clash. Bad news that Leicester win over Southampton, and some of good news come from Arsenal potential target, Granit Xhaka. Interesting to found that Xhaka still wanted come to Arsenal with Wenger still in ‘ambigous’ position. And Arsene profound that Arsenal is ‘looked’ but not particularly close to concrete the deals. Arsene cliché. Now back focus to the main theme for tomorrow, West Ham clash at Boleyn Ground. As Opta stated that Arsene has won nine and lost just two of his 16 Premier League visit to the Boleyn Ground (W9 D6 L2). But Arsenal got battered down in first met between them this season, and looking to win in West Ham’s ground look a little bit tricky. West Ham last five games in Premier League quite in good record, (W3 D2 L0) and Arsenal is (W2 D1 L2) not in best but the passion might be the differences between them.

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Arsenal Countdown to Title: 8 questions to watch.

Arsenal inspiringly win and manage turndown Everton thanks with the brilliant performance from Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck. Overall the team can answer question from the fans and manager to get a win after 8 matches Arsenal underperformed. Iwobi is very vital to the game because he doesn’t hesitate to play his natural game and he seems already fitted quickly into the team. Now 8 matches to go with Leicester still got 5 points in front of Spurs and 8 points for Arsenal. With Arsenal title hopes is on fire at Premier League, let’s see 8 questions for Arsenal to answer.

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This is a lot of deja vu, Monsieur Wenger.

Do you think it’s okay to just had one rough month for Arsenal in a season? No. You need two for Arsenal when it comes running for the title. I have been looking for this part of schedule and expect something different from Arsenal. But it’s not worthy to wait as we can’t scoring on Southampton, Hull City and Barcelona. Three of them, Arsenal had more chances to score than the opponents, but denied by poor finishing and fine goalkeeping. Even we had won two of fixtures against Bournemouth and Leicester but it was to bail the debt on January loss points. Put in order to maximize your scarification, Barcelona loss and Manchester United at Old Trafford with young boys playing against Arsenal first team. Do you think you need more? Well. Spurs and Leicester manage to win and put big margin between them, when Arsenal from the title credentials position, back to Champions League Qualifications once more. This is one of the worst Arsenal season in Fans memory as Arsenal couldn’t play the card to maximize the chance when big clubs tore down.

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The Two Faces of Arsenal, one way to beat Barcelona.

Arsenal is had so much problem actually like the other teams when it comes the first choice player isn’t playing. In case for Arsenal, the main problem sometimes the finishing and ball deliveries. Arsenal tactics is very highly in focus on wings, creativity in middle and striker so if one of them is missing, the chance to win is deteriorate quickly. Arsenal is being demanded by fans to buy a world class striker, and he buy Alexis Sanchez to play as a winger. Because as a main striker, Arsene rather to choose Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck as three of them are potentially great as a striker in Premier League, it makes conclusion the quota is full and Arsene is very likely do what he wants, build his own striker.

The striker depth is good and performances are better now, Welbeck is back and do winning goal against Leicester, Walcott probably still find his form but when needed he is explosive and could play on wings, and Giroud is a fighter with the most goals in the squad right now. The wingers isn’t do much problem, Oxlade is not injured and great to drives in, Campbell is playing superbly and Alexis is back to form. Arsenal doesn’t do much problem when it comes to finishing,  what Arsene need is the right player to subs when it comes to dreadlock situation because everyone is ready and go. So the basic problem actually is in middle creativity, the Arsenal heart.

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Ready for the Hurdles?

Arsenal are in up and down form in late January, but Arsenal try to reprise the form after win against weak side Bournemouth at 2nd fixtures in February. The table speak for itself, Leicester City dominated the runs after shocking win against Manchester City which determine the title credential for them. Although the most furious moment for Arsenal fans right now is the moment when the One who Should not be Named got 2nd in Premier League Table after winning against Watford. Arsenal got punished after sluggish 4 games with no win in January, when Arsenal really need points and confidence to fight for the EPL title and defining moment of pride against Barcelona. I’ve been written about the condition that we will face in February-March fixtures when the schedule kicks up in the arse. And it turns out not well enough consider the Arsenal track form didn’t convincing enough with last 5 games, Arsenal just capable to gather 6 points out of 15. Was it the worst schedule for Arsenal? No. not yet. But Arsenal is in greater moments than last year, because everyone’s ready to comeback from injury with Ozil’s form is on fire and Alexis didn’t fulfill the potential for this season yet. Arsenal looks good on paper but will they Continue reading

Time for Arsene to unleash the Four Horsemen

The darkest days of Arsenal choice of winner formula is over. There’s no empty-handed hands to fill the position, Arsene has brought himself called up for Lord demands. The voice for the Apostles to fulfill what has been written in the book, the Conquest of winning the Premier League era once again. Too long Lord has been waiting for this chance, giving a sign what’s lack in the Arsenal title credentials, the just of Middle Earth , the keeper of the unorthodox type, the wall of justice as strong as back four, and the lion of Judah to lead the Conquest. There’s no plague that haunted the camp of Woolwich soldiers. It’s stopped. And now Arsene had his time to leash every beast he had to find the glory of his Conquest of Premier League once again.


The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

Thanks for the rise of the first creature to bring Arsene Wenger back on the track to lead the sheep on champion winning, to fight as Lord demands what’s worth to sacrifice for. Arsene had to make his choice of Four Horsemen, lead the Conquest of Arsenal glorification. The baptism of the just of midfielder, the first creature who buoyed to lead the match and bring stability of minds in middle pitch. He is the half-blood prince of Bavarian land, the one who seen everything, Mesut Ozil. This year, the sacred knight of Arsene’s rise again amongst his men and has contributed with brought down 5 castles, and assistance 16 attack on brought down the castle with appearances of 27 wars against another tribesmen the land of Britannia. This year is the moment of Mesut Ozil after several years has been mocked by his own men and another bollocks from foreigners. Arsene must been thinking hard as Mesut Ozil, the one who can’t replaced because the plague hit Arsene’s apprentice of Middle Earth, Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere who used to fill the position.

Arsene strategy to put Mesut Ozil efficiency has bring mixed reviews and result on war, thanks to Nigerian born Iwobi who naturally control the waves of war, Arsene could save time and plague who might hit Ozil whenever it takes. Against Burnley tribe, Iwobi manage to take the role with least experience he had but next match against Soton, Mesut Ozil the first Four Horsemen from all, the White Horse must lead the men to win as Arsene waiting for this time to leash the beast for the crown. Mesut Ozil the Conqueror of the Four Horsemen.

images (2).jpg

Petr Cech who served another Apostles, has found his touch and light once again in Woolwich, Arsenal. Experience of keeping the stability for all the men back on the castle, bring respect among the men. His addition to the army of Woolwich really equate the odds on the field and aggression of war. Arsene choose him as the second of the Four Horsemen for this season as his predecessor in Woolwich like the Poland, Sir Chesney and Colombian, David not in the prime form. But as the history talk about Petr Cech, his name alone already bring fear to any men who’s gonna attack the castle. His influence who brings balance really bring persona of The Black Horse of the Four Horsemen. Petr Cech, the Scale of the Four Horsemen ready to bring defense for the greatness of Arsene’s men for the rest of the war.

images (12).jpg

After losing him in first half of war, this new Frenchmen already put his performance back against Burnley, and now he ready to protect the men of the realm. The beast from Laval, France with the name of Francis Coquelin, put the arms of War on his shield. Arsene already lost this guy who bring the best out of Arsene’s men and back up the men in Middle Earth. His tackle spear and visionary of defensive art brought him as apprentice of War. He will fight anywhere as passion of him is bringing up the morale of the realm. Arsene knew in war at Burnley, he had to came back to fitness as soon as possible. He is the central of War, Francis Coquelin with his Red Horse as the War of The Four Horsemen.

images (13).jpg

The last is the Lion of Judah, the animal from Woolwich and every knight from all the realm fear and wanted to take him down. He is fearless and hardly tamed even by Arsene Wenger. The knight of the Pale Horse, the last choice of Four Horsemen of Arsene’s men are the one who brings famine and death for whoever challenge him. The name is Alexis Sanchez, the boy who took experience from tropical landscape, now put his foot on Britannia land, ready to leash the purge after pushed out and got wounded almost two months. This man will slaughtered anyone, and his comeback already put remarks, 1 castle has brought down and Woolwich win against Burnley after his presence.

images (14)

Arsene don’t choose the Four Horsemen randomly, as these guys really exceptional already for this season and without them Woolwich lose the way how to win the war. After all of the wounded already came back, Arsene knew these guys will covered everything in the war. And these Knights will bring the crown for Arsene, because this is the right time after all, the Four Horsemen persona really came back on these Knights. I don’t left out another men who exceptional this season as the Spaniard, Bellerin and Monreal or Giroud and Walcott but the Four Horsemen could be anyone like X-men academy. And Arsenal really hits on that. But these Four Horsemen will hit enemy hard and they will bring the glory this season I believe. And don’t forget the Catalonia tribe who mocking us for years will get punished this year and we will won it. This time Woolwich could reigns the Mesopotamia, the Britannia, the Francia, as Woolwich become the Conqueror of European for the first time.

These articles were written on old classic style and for fun because I am on hype train with everyone came back from injuries. Credits for Arsenal bloggers who usually wrote pieces like these. I love it.


Anzala Ryanto as Author of this post, big Gooner and right now focused as freelance  sports journalist in Indonesia, USA and UK.

Arsenal plays Beauty and the Beast drama

Lovely win to start the year against Steve McClaren’s side with no one get injured at all and clinching the peak position meanwhile Leicester City dropped points and Forever in Our Shadows sharing points with Toffees. Actually, i didn’t watch that game which every pundits and blogger outside the field describe it as ugly winning. Ugly win means comfortably and oftenly described as winner mentality or how the champions win when they are in dreadlocks. But isn’t it true?

Flamini is coming back after dropped on last match, Monreal filling in after Gibbs had a cramp in Bournemouth game and the Ox is playing to get his chance to shine. This 3 guys are back after rotation but the main problem and focus are Chamberlain, could he delivered something in this match after loss his performance because he was injured on Capital One Cup? I have to watched the replay match on Arsenal Player to see and analysis the game and see how the drama cliche began.

The Ox still finding himself at Arsenal

When Theo Walcott missing on the right, you know who is better to replacing him on the right side. But it changes after several performances by Joel Campbell, that makes the Ox immediately finds himself in question about how to established himself at Arsenal. He is a different type player than Walcott actually, his father always told that he can be fitted on midfielder role or in no. 10 position.

I loved how the Ox playing that he shows whenever he dribbles he kick the ball and sprint outta defender. But is it just that he can offer to Arsenal? just some windy player who very fast and run? NO. We didn’t need that. Our tactics really need two wings forward who fast on counter breaks, but also who can finishing, crossing and drives in to break defence. That is what Arsenal need, a modern winger, complete forward, and high work rate to cover our wingbacks.

Last night on Newcastle, he didn’t get his best performance, instead he rusty on front the goal and yet no shots on target and just 1 key passes for Arsenal. After that he dropped by Joel Campbell to replace him on right wing. Joel Campbell is more effective on playing defensively with more passing than drives in. Of course, Joel just slightly better at the moment, but we hope that both of them could be more dangerous on goal and effectively in midfield. The best example for them is the Ox compatriot on national team, Ross Barkley or Raheem Sterling.


Alex the Ox, Arsenal, 2015, photo by Squawka.

To playing alongside lone man forward does mean you also score goals more and playing connected each other. We need someone more lethal and aggresively in the box. Arsene needs more deep training for his winger as Alexis Sanchez is the only one who holds that title. I hope Ox can determine his future as soon as possible, he can ask Henry or Pires at Arsenal how to play effectively upfront. This is no time to waste your talent, Ox.

Ramsey is on top but missed target

Unbeliveable Ramsey playing tirelessly against Newcastle, he put all the bollocks on the other side, and he is everywhere too. I’m feel sorry for all Twitter comments in the last minute when he missed out his shot after 2-3 fake dribble. You didn’t caught it don’t you? 2-3 fake dribble are Ramsey lovely moves whenever he is in the box , he is natural with it. In 2014/2015 campaigns, he didn’t get his achievement in the past season because he is out of position and yet he is still lack of goal this season too as the reason still the same.

His partnership with Ozil is very fruitful even Ramsey is on the wing side, but last night at Newcastle in his favourable position, he shows how he worth at Arsenal.


Ramsey passing on both half vs Newcastle, 2016, by Arsenal Stats Centre

Green marks stated as successful passing, red as missed shot and yellow as key passes. As our dynamo in middle, his passing combination with Mesut Ozil are 25 passes from all 76 passes by Ramsey. It means how Ramsey work rate are very high and just become better and better. What makes us cringe is his attempt at finishing was very bad actually. In his past 5 match in his middle position, he seems always out of target and selfishly not looking his bloke.

I don’t blame him for that, as Arsene’s favourite midfielder, Ramsey just want to prove his place in middle against Cazorla and Wilshere even with Ozil. Ramsey quality is undeniable but he needs learn with Ozil about when the pass need by or is it time to shoot. Yes, He is hungry and hungrier, but if opponent taking chances from winning back the possession outta of him, Arsenal must pay the price latter.

Arsenal become well-balancedly better and better

Yet, you know how cracking to win one-nil match in these days, you have to be full concentrated until last seconds or you must pay what fools you. Arsenal in the past day became the team whose very bad in this situation. Although congratulations on one-nil situation for the 100th times, but it was not comfortable when we on that situation. How many times we lose when we didn’t cracked the dreadlocks, how many points are gone? I believe it cost our title and so on.

I don’t wanna whining about it actually, but its history sometimes repeated itself. But this season, even Arsene felt the same as us, he felt ‘this season is different’ and last night is one of it. Our passing is resentless complex and dynamic when our defense stature is very good to hold on. Thanks to 100% total shots saved by our Petr Cech to deny opposition threat. He is very experienced between our post, this is a world class goalkeeper that we had and thankfully he is unshakenable.

Olivier Giroud got credits for unstoppable to chasing ball on the air which follows by Koscielny goal. He is really strong even he is missing alot of chances too. Walcott also didn’t effectively score goals too but his runs always being watched by opponent. Mesut Ozil is exceptional, he do more runs than before, he really makes kiler passes but he knew since Cazorla gone, he is gonna take the ball, control it. He is mature enough to become a leader in attacking and midfield position, and he proves again last night.

Score is one nil, no beauty from the goal but it was behinds which made that goal. Never endings spirit, fully concentrated, and tirelessly try and try for scoring goals, never slowing down the tempo. We are unbeliveable manage to finds that goal and uplift the curse for Arsenal. We are trying not to frustated and yet we believe that we can win this. We still believe on that chance. To win the title, we must.

Author of this post and right now focused as freelance  sports journo on Indonesia, USA and UK.

Anzala Ryanto. @anzalariveris